The Life Chronicle of the Reborn Younger Sister

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Today, in order to invite her husband's former friends to dinner, Li Zhen spent a lot of money. Two tables of people, each table also cooked ten dishes, which was very rare at that time, but there was nothing left in the kitchen. Last night, her son looked at himself washing vegetables and asked, "If you can't finish it, you can do it like this." She casually said, "It's not all left. If you can't finish it, it's bad!" Unexpectedly, he brought the person back today, saying that he was eating leftovers, but there was no leftovers? How to eat? Come on, what else can we do? Only some of the dishes that were not served were deducted, but there were more vegetarian dishes and less meat dishes. I thought I could heat it up for my son when he came home in the evening anyway, but just now when I came back with the food, I happened to look at it from the door and saw that the maid of the Fang family had eaten oil all over her face and her hands, and the dishes in the bowl were still piled high, while my son could see the white rice, and the dishes were also vegetarian dishes-spinach, chili and so on at home; In the heart clatter uncomfortable, looked that silly boy to eat also happily; in the heart did not know how is stuffy flustered, blocked uncomfortable. Hey! Poor parents, Li Zhen is distressed son, saying that the usual home dishes are not as good as today's Su yuan bowl, but at that time his son did not eat or left his own good! "Mom, are there any more catfish eggs?" Li Zhen, who was thinking about something, saw her son come in and wanted to ask him if he was full. Unexpectedly,304 Stainless Steel Wire, her son asked, so she said, "yuanzi, didn't you say that the cat's roe was too small to eat?"? Why do you want to eat today? Su yuan looked at her mother scratching her forehead and said shyly, "No, it's Yaoyao who said she still wants it." When Li Zhen heard the difference, when his son was so good, he usually took care of himself first like his father outside, never taking care of other people's lives? Thinking of this, Li Zhen asked tentatively, "yuanzi,304 stainless steel wire, tell your mother, why is the youngest daughter of the other family so good?" Looking at her mother's sincere eyes, Su yuan twisted her neck and confused her brain, a little huff and puff, "Mom, I don't know, I just think she's cute and I like her very much!" At this time, Su yuan's love is like a toy, it is a kind of what is good for their own like, feel that she is good, there is no reason why. It's just that Su yuan doesn't know how to express himself. Knowing that his son was not like his mother, Li Zhen still understood, "I know, the cat's roe is on the table, no, no, you can send the rest to Fang's house in the evening, it's also OK." She never spoke again, nor did she know what she was thinking. Although Li Zhen is a famous mean shrew within a hundred miles, but other people do not know, Li Zhen also has an aspect that most people do not know, Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe ,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, that is, love his son, such a generous thing, that is, because his son put forward, so Li Zhen is not angry, usually in the field, if you take up a rice from her, you will be scolded! Seeing his son standing there and not leaving, he knew that the cat's roe was gone, and he wanted to give some of his hot dishes now! Li Zhen also did not talk nonsense with his son, directly took the porcelain bowl in his son's hand, shoveled two spoons of fried chicken giblets in the pot, handed them to his son, and put the remaining leek on the chopping board into the pot to fry with chicken giblets. After Su yuan served the dish, she saw that her mother had just made up for it, and did not ask why she wanted it again, so she was very happy to add another spoonful of rice to the rice pot. Sitting on a small bench, Xiao Yao touched his already bulging stomach with the back of his hand without oil, and sincerely exclaimed, "Oh, so full!" Look at the oily fingers on your hands and lick them with your mouth. "Well, why does Aunt Li cook so well?"? If only I could go home! The youngest could not help but enter a state of fantasy: when he woke up at night, he was standing in front of his bed with a roast chicken, barking at himself. It was also so oily and spicy. When he ate it, it turned into a big porcelain bowl and lay there, waiting for him to eat it! Thinking of this, Xiao Yao's secretory glands are unprecedentedly developed. When Su yuan came, what she saw was such a picture. The little girl's eyes were shining and staring at her shiny fingers, and she kept swallowing saliva. She looked as greedy as she could say. Su yuan looked at the bowl in her hand. She didn't feel it just now, but now she suddenly felt that it seemed to be a little less. Yaoyao, the cat's roe is on the table, but not now. I've got some chicken giblets. Come and eat! Then he took Xiao Yao's bowl and prepared to move the dishes over. Small eye disease hand quick hurriedly hold, day, don't oneself very much like pig. I just asked myself if I had made catfish roe today, and I didn't want to eat it! The youngest pulled his bowl, "No, no, I'll fight with you if you give it to me!" Looking at Xiao Yao's desperate posture with him, Su yuan did not exert much strength for fear of pulling her over and falling. All right, put it down, you don't eat, I'm not full yet! Su yuan laughed and pushed Xiao Yao's bowl slowly. Oh, you eat! Little Nuo Nuo's embarrassed, he seems to only care about his mouth, how did not notice Su yuan has been picking up food for himself! I feel so guilty! Shake your head, no, I am a child, younger than him, only know that eating is normal! In this way, a girl who has done a good job of psychological construction continues to be naive. 31. Teachers' Day (4) New book recommended collection! Thank you! The youngest felt a little sleepy, his head was heavy, and he felt a little helpless when he was sitting, so he put his hands on his knees to support his cheeks, which made him feel better and in the mood to appreciate someone. The youngest stared at the now childish Su yuan, who was black and bright. The youngest discovered a fact that he had always ignored, that is, Su yuan was only two years older than himself. Blinking his eyes, the youngest covered his eyebrows and reflected on himself. Should he always'sell small to sell small 'and let others take care of him? At least I'm much better than him now! I have a little trouble! Swinging the little fat hand and rubbing the heavy eyes, tangled, shaking his head, trying to shake himself a little more sober. Su yuan saw that Xiao Yao was cute and confused, and his pigtails were shaking and shaking. In the invisible place, the corners of his mouth turned up slightly, and his dark eyes were stained with a little smile,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, but the chopsticks in his hands, which came to pick up food and rice, waved at a faster speed.
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