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And once you step into the supreme, then everything will become completely different, it is almost a qualitative leap, if the strong in the supreme realm can be counted as the strong in this vast world, then the supreme will be the overlord of one side. If in the north, the nine-grade Supreme may be able to become the top of the top forces, but it is definitely unable to become the master, because only the super-strong, such as the Supreme, can give enough shelter to one side of the top forces. And with such status, it will naturally have more resources to practice, so as to be able to go further and further in the way of practice. After a slight sigh in his heart, Mu Chen carefully put away the nine-turn green lotus, and when he left, he waved his sleeve, and his spiritual power whistled out, directly destroying the pool below. He did not want to later if someone came here, from this pool found that here once had the existence of nine turn green lotus, and this combined with the destructive power of this place, will inevitably be aware of the people, in that case, I am afraid it will give him some trouble. Destroy the pool, Mu Chen this just put down the heart to come, the body shape moves, is directly into a light and shadow to break through the air, quickly away from here. And that is,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, not long after the dust left, the distant edge of the sky is the sound of breaking the wind, several teams unexpectedly appeared at the same time, and then carefully approached the land of this wolf. Curious and cautious, these teams explored the land, and finally all fell on the destroyed pool, which had been destroyed, but the remaining vitality was still noticeable in the dead land. However, although found here, but because it has been destroyed,mirror stainless steel sheet, these teams are also unable to distinguish what appeared before this place, immediately can only regret shaking his head. They could guess that there should be a treasure before this place, but they could not confirm it, so after wandering for a while, these teams could only leave regrettably. By this time, Muchen was far away from the destroyed area, and then his figure flashed and appeared on a hill, where Jiuyou and others were waiting for him. Nine you and others to see the dust came back safe and sound, naturally is also a happy face, that appearance is obviously a big sigh of relief, after all, if the next road is not accompanied by the dust, I am afraid their road ahead is uncertain. Got it? Jiu asked with a smile. She could see the joy in Mu Chen's eyes. It seemed that this time the latter had indeed returned with a full load. Mu Chen smiled and nodded, and the arrival of the nine-turn green lotus really filled his heart with joy. Seeing this, Jiu You didn't ask much. She knew that if she could let Mu Chen take a risk, and she was willing to use such cards as the heart of the beast that swallowed thunder, it would not be an ordinary thing. However, this thing was obtained by Mu Chen alone. They didn't have any strength, Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet ,brushed stainless steel sheet, so the thing that received the goods was naturally enjoyed by Mu Chen alone. At this point, not only the nine trysts, which are very close to Muchen, think so, but even Han Shan and Mo Feng have not asked one more question about it, and they obviously understand the reason. Let's find a place to rest first, and then go to the inner area of God's cemetery. Mu Chen looked at the crowd, now he is not in good condition, and he got nine turn green lotus, then must take advantage of its power, will own spiritual power, the real breakthrough to the seven grade supreme. As long as his spiritual power reaches the seven-grade supreme, and with the physical body comparable to the seven-grade supreme, Muchen has absolute self-confidence, and no one can compete with him under the eight-grade supreme. Even when the time comes, even if he wants to hold a quasi-holy object against Bai Ming, he will no longer have the slightest fear. All the teams that can break into the inner domain are top teams, among which the leader is strong, and I don't know how much stronger he is than the Jin Qingtian he met before, so Mu Chen must make his own strength break through again. Nine quiet and others smell speech also understand its meaning, so all is nodding. The crowd moved forward again, and with the help of the peeping pupil, Muchen avoided the heavy animal spirits and some places where the dead gas condensed. The dead gas in those places was no weaker than that in the previous valley, and according to Muchen's experience, there must be a treasure in such a fierce place. But for these treasures, now he is no longer the slightest thought, lost the powerful card of the heart of the beast, if he easily go deep into that dangerous place, I am afraid he is really looking for death. Therefore, Mu Chen directly and decisively pressed out the salivation in his heart, and then found a relatively thin place of death, and opened up a cave on that solitary peak. Jiuyou and others are scattered around the peak to protect the Dharma. Inside the cave, the herdsman was sitting in a dish. In front of him, the nine-turn green lotus was suspended and the fluorescence was blooming. The majestic vitality filled the whole cave. It turned out that in this lifeless cave, some dead grass that had withered was growing up gradually. Mu Chen's eyes, staring at the white jade lotus seed in the lotus heart, this is the essence of the nine-turn green lotus, only by thoroughly absorbing and refining it, can we try to break through the supreme shackles in the future, with the help of its magical power.. However, the terrible vitality contained in this white jade lotus seed is not what he can bear now, but fortunately, he does not need to refine it now, but only absorbs it into his body, and then triggers its power when he breaks through in the future. Whew. Mu Chen took a deep breath, double fingers a lead, only to see that the white jade lotus seed is slowly rising from the heart of the lotus, and then he directly hit a spiritual force on the green lotus. Buzz. Lingguang bloomed from the top of the green lotus, only to see the rapid expansion of the original palm-sized green lotus, just a few breaths, is turned into half a foot in size, like a square lotus seat. Muchen's body slowly fell on the lotus seat, which could not absorb and refine, but it had the effect of calming the mind and stabilizing the spiritual power. It was also a treasure of auxiliary cultivation. If it could be used now, Muchen would not give it up naturally. Everything is ready, Mu Chen also did not hesitate at all, he looked at the white jade lotus seeds suspended in front of him,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, directly opened his mouth, suction surge, is to swallow it into the body. sxthsteel.com
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