The Asura War

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The emperor and the empress were still smiling, and the four magnates of the Reed and Amre families were all expressionless, and there was no trace of them in their faces. Eunice on the other side was surprised and angry, stirring her poor handkerchief with her hands, while Andres was more happy than surprised, but he also looked incredulous. The brother on the left had a strange expression like swallowing a fly, while Fraser's face on the right was almost as black as the bottom of the pot. What kind of situation is this? "How could I joke with you about such a thing?" The emperor seemed to shake his head seriously, but Mimia felt that he had no good intentions. Forgive me, Your Majesty! This I was so surprised. Mimia stood up again and saluted the emperor and the empress, who were sitting in the upper seat due south. "If I remember correctly, isn't Count Andres already a lady?"? Why would Your Majesty take him as well. "I think maybe you'd like to have one more choice." The emperor hinted pointedly, "of course, the right to choose is in your hands!" "That's all in the past." Glancing at Andres, who seemed to be expecting something, Mimia lowered her head slightly and pretended to answer as if nothing had happened, but her heart was itching with hate. *** you,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, you might wish you had one more choice! I don't have a habit of turning back! "So you chose Fraser from the Amre family?" The queen covered her mouth with a fan and laughed. "That's all right. You're even closer. Why don't you decide that, Your Majesty?" “……” Mimi looked at the queen who quickly made the decision for her with a speechless face and could not help rolling her eyes in the bottom of her heart. Can she choose none of them? Of course, this can only be what she thought in her heart, now she finally knew why before entering the door, her father called her alone in the back to say those words! Feelings, he already knew this thing! "Then it is decided!" The emperor was pleased to see that Mimia had no objection. He turned to Lucas and said,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, "Then marry Amre in the name of your daughter, Lucas. Are you satisfied now?" "Thank you, Your Majesty!" Lucas stood up and thanked him. Of course, he was very satisfied, for today's marriage, he did not know how much effort in the dark! "Thank you, Your Majesty!" At the same time, the Amre family also got up to thank them. The two brothers, Kure and Ostenandi, had discussed the matter with Lucas many times in private, and naturally it was not surprising at all. Although Canandi is just know, Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe ,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, but one side is the temper character is very congenial cousin, one side is the beloved sister, married into his own family naturally more let him feel at ease. Fraser, on the other hand, was a real surprise. He didn't expect to abduct Mimia to attend the royal New Year's dinner. It was a pleasant surprise for him to have his marriage with Mimia. And Mimia pays more attention to the expressions of Reed's family than Amre's family. Lucas was satisfied with the different expressions of the people opposite, and Cerf, with a faint smile on his face, seemed to be very happy to see the marriage. Uni looked relieved at last, and Andres was undoubtedly the most disappointed of all, and his eyes looked a little helpless and sad. Mimiya pretended not to see it and played with the jewelry box. As for whether her behavior was shy or evasive in the eyes of others, she was too lazy to care. Sitting quietly in his chair, listening to the men of the two families chatting with the emperor and the queen for a while, he was finally allowed to leave the drawing room. Mimiya roughly calculated that it took about 30 minutes from the time they came in to the time they left. At this rate, wouldn't it take several days for the emperor and empress to summon all the nobles? "How could it be that only the families who were summoned at the beginning had the favor of being left by the emperor and the empress to chat about their daily life, and the other nobles left directly after the audience!" Fraser's explanation came to her ear, and it turned out that she had said the guess in her heart when she didn't find it. "That's right." Mimiya pulled the corners of her mouth with embarrassment. "By the way, where is Father?" "Uncle or Lord Lucas?" Fraser asked with a smile, as the others scattered, leaving him and Mimia standing together in the corner of the banquet hall. Lucas, I call him Father, and the other is Father.. Mimia sighed feebly and explained. I just saw it go into the lounge over there. Fraser pointed to a room not far behind and said, "Looking for him?" "Well, he said he would give me something after he had seen the two majesties!" Mimia put the jewelry box in his hand, then hooked her finger at him and motioned him to bow his head. What's the matter Fraser lowered his head obediently and asked curiously. Keep it safe for me! Mimia stood on tiptoe and kissed him at the corner of his mouth. "I'm going to ask my father for a gift!"! And Happy New Year! Now that I have promised my father, I will get along well with him from now on! Although she has not really fallen in love with him, the marriage between nobles, most of the time, does not need love. Happy New Year! Fraser smiled and leaned down to kiss her back on the lips. I'm glad you didn't refuse your Majesty today, nor did you refuse me. The author has something to say: Ow, I found that I miscalculated when I wrote it. I wanted to finish the Royal Banquet and update it together, but after writing more than 8000, I found that I only wrote half of it. It was crazy, so I sent it first, and I must finish the banquet tomorrow.. Royal Banquet (Part Two) Mimi pushed the door in and saw Lucas sitting quietly with his back against the sofa. He walked quietly to his side and saw that he was resting with his eyes closed. So Mimiya cleverly stood still and waited quietly. On the tea table in front of Lucas was a large silver information bag, which was bulging and did not know what it was. But she could probably guess that this might be the gift her father was going to give her. Mimiya, you came so fast. Lucas did not keep her waiting,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, and although he did not open his eyes, he pointed to the thing in front of him and said, "Sit down and see for yourself!" 。
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