The world of horror can't stop me from falling in love (Co-species: Situla House of Everything.)

xvxvxv, Rue Goudard, 马赛法国

Ma Ziyou put the kitchen knife back on the chopping board, and shook off his hand, which had become a little sore because of keeping a movement for a long time, and interrupted, "The reason why the double body is ghosted is mostly because it collides with the body." "But when they appear in physical form for the second time, they will inherit the memory of the noumenon again, and naturally forget that they have been ghosted." The young man squatted down as he spoke. Body He picked up the cat that kept rubbing against his calf and looked at the crowd with regret and said, "It seems that we are doomed to have no harvest today." The middle-aged man yawned a little wearily. "Well, I didn't sleep all night because of that thing last night. I'll go back and make up for it first. You can do whatever you want." "I went back, too." "Then I, too." When everyone went to the entrance in twos and threes, the old man reached out and patted Li Mengyun on the shoulder, "If there is any situation, you can call me at any time." The woman answered and smiled gratefully at him. The old man sighed and followed the crowd with his hands behind his back. Li Mengyun, with a delicate smile on his face, sent them all the way to the stairway entrance. "Everyone should pay attention to safety on the way." When the high school girl heard this, she turned her head and waved to her and said, "Sister Mengyun, you should be careful recently." The woman smoothed the broken hair on her cheek and nodded to her with a smile. When the corridor was quiet again, Li Mengyun turned his head and looked at the young man holding the cat beside him. At this time, where could he see any smile lines in his quiet eyes? Won't you go and see him? She asked. Ma Ziyou stroked the hair on the back of the cat, and a smile gradually appeared on his comely face. "No, his life is hard." The woman did not speak. Ma Ziyou followed her quietly for a while,Magnesium Oxide powder, and before long, his eyes began to glance restlessly at the woman's home, licking his lips half jokingly and half seriously, "Mengyun, can your cute husband lend me a taste?" The woman looked at him with a smile. "What do you say?" Ma Ziyou looked at her under pressure, "." You're so stingy. You snatched it from someone else. What can you do if you lend it to me for fun? "Get out." Li Mengyun's whole face was so gloomy that she didn't even say a word and ordered him to leave directly. I never give up what I want. You have to keep an eye on him. "Ma Ziyou cut carelessly and walked down the stairs leisurely with his pet in his arms. He soon disappeared.". The woman stood in the corridor and stared in the direction of the young man's departure for a moment, the cold in her eyes almost freezing. She quickly walked home, picked up the mobile phone that had been placed on the glass square table, flipped her fingers, and quickly dialed a series of numbers. How is he? "I'm sorry, we've done our best. His brain injury is so serious that I'm afraid he won't make it through tonight." "Yes." There was still no expression on Li Mengyun's face. Please come to our hospital tomorrow to go through the relevant procedures. "I am not a family member of a patient." The woman said this and hung up the phone. She relaxed and sat on the sofa, Magnesium Sulphate price ,calcium nitrate sol, poured herself a glass of water with the kettle at her feet, and did not drink it, so she covered it in the palm of her hand. The memory of the doppelganger is inherited from the noumenon. If it weren't for Ma Ziyou's dirty thoughts about Haopeng, his doppelganger wouldn't have said what he just said. Ma Ziyou, you should be glad that you didn't survive the accident. Li Mengyun's eyes became colder and colder. She put the warm water cup in her hand back on the table and stood up and walked to the bedroom. But it doesn't matter anymore. When the body dies, the doppelganger will disappear, and no one will covet her treasure anymore. When she opened the door, the woman took off her shoes and went in barefoot. Her footsteps were very light, as if she was afraid of waking the sleeping man. The person on the bed slept soundly, and half of his face sank into the soft pillow. Li Mengyun bent down and gently dropped a kiss on his face. Her eyes were so gentle, her soft lips were like a layer of strawberry juice, and even the kiss had a sweet aroma. May you have a good dream. "The woman whispered, running her fingers over his eyelashes, gently, like a breeze.". Li Mengyun slowly sat on the edge of the bed, and she leaned closer, her infatuated eyes lingering on his face. It was not until the man turned over in his sleep that she withdrew her hand and left the bedroom gently. With a click, the door was closed gently, and the light from the living room was gradually blocked by the door. Quiet was restored to the room. In the darkness, a pair of dark and bright eyes slowly opened. In fact, as early as when the woman entered the room, he had already woken up, and it was not easy to pretend to sleep until now, thanks to the cover of green beans, otherwise he would have been exposed. He Anyi sat up from the bed, took a deep breath of fear, and when the tension calmed down, he moved his buttocks to the bedside and stepped on the ground with two feet. He also did not wear shoes, a pair of bare feet quietly walked to the bedroom door, opened the door is a gust of wind slipped into the living room. All the lights outside had been turned off, and the whole living room was dark, except for a warm light from the bathroom, from which came the sound of water. He Anyi squatted down like a thief, climbed over on his hands and feet, and finally stopped two or three meters away from the frosted glass door. This position was just enough for him to see the figure inside more completely. The woman's slender and graceful figure becomes shadowy after the glass door is blurred, and the beautiful curve is more attractive after being blurred. Of course, He Anyi is a gay, and he has no feelings about such a picture. On the contrary,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, he was more concerned about whether the guess in his mind could be confirmed. In the fake sleep just now, He Anyi has been sorting out some of the information he got before. Among them, there is an important message that makes him think about it carefully. He remembered that Brother Doudou had mentioned to him at the beginning of the world that the key word of the world was human skin.
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