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Little Yin, I don't say much, will you come with me? Don't be silly! She was shoved in front of the TV, and the dark room echoed with unsightly shots and violent groans and crashes. Pow! He did not know what switch he pressed, and the light suddenly stung her eyes. "Yin Yin, welcome to the paradise of beasts!"! I'll treat you well. The handsome boy was naked, and his tall and straight male pointed to the girl in front of him, with a bloodthirsty smile and the ferocity of the beast. Delicious little Yin Yin, today you belong to me! 10 The magnificent crystal chandelier emits a dreamy light, the blood-red wine in the crystal glass is gently shaken, and a slender white palm holds the glass like blood. A handsome young man with white jade skin and transparent pink cheeks sat naked on a luxurious velvet sofa, which made his skin more white and attractive. His hair was light brown, and his pure face was revealed by his curly and everted hairstyle. He took a sip of mellow and rich wine from his pink and moist lips, pulled the little girl curled up on the other side of the sofa, printed her lips on her lips, and the wine in his mouth was fed into her mouth. Whoo! The little girl, whose mouth was blocked, struggled to get rid of the binding on her hands and feet, but was fed a mouthful of choking red wine,calcium ammonium nitrate price, which flowed down her esophagus into her stomach, burning her tender stomach. Coughing kept coming, and her white and tender little face was fumigated with two bright hibiscus flowers by the smell of wine. A touch of bright color made the little girl, who was not outstanding in appearance, look very strange. The original ordinary appearance also seems to collapse, bright deep eyes and bright cheeks, has not yet consciously she has the ability to seduce the world. The boy let go of the hand that clamped her chin, and his long fingers pressed against her slightly hot face. "You're slightly drunk after just one mouthful. Yin Yin,Magnesium Oxide MgO, you're really useless!" The sharp fingertips scraped her face, and the other bad hand picked up the crystal glass, drank all the wine in one mouthful, pressed the girl's head, and fed the sour wine into her mouth again. Too much liquid made her mouth unbearable, and the red liquid that could not be fed into her esophagus flowed down the open corners of her mouth, through her chin, through her thin neck, and finally into her undulating little chest. A petite girl in a mint-green draped princess dress, her bare white feet and arms were tied with pink ribbons and complicated bows as if they were gifts. Although not tight enough to strangle her, but I do not know what kind of complex knot method, no matter how she broke free is useless, the ribbon is still tied to her hands and feet, Magnesium Sulphate producer ,Magnesium Oxide powder, the young man who looks like a little white rabbit is actually the most ferocious wolf, just enjoying his masterpiece did not stop her from breaking free. The wrinkled shoulder strap slipped down her shoulder in her inclination and hung feebly on her upper arm, half of her snow-white chest leaking out of spring. Although not to cause him too much commotion, but that pair of seemingly pure eyes, some faint flashing light has appeared, young exposed male roots are also growing stronger, a pillar of the sky! Song Pinyan played with the empty crystal cup in his hand, and he enjoyed Song Yinyu's meaningless struggle of trapped animals, which was a knot she could never break free of, and probably few people could solve it except him. It is interesting to look at the young girl who is 16 years old but looks like a child who is only about 12 years old. She was just smoked by the wine face like lotus, the original white body also has a seductive pink color, the sliding shoulder strap will show half of the small chest, she did not even notice the exposed chest, just blindly entangled with the ribbon on her hands and feet. Wine, which is not very strong, is extremely vicious in the body of a girl who has never been contaminated with alcohol. The taro, which has begun to react slowly, has been controlled by the raging alcohol. The misty eyes can not find the focus, and the weak body wriggles uncomfortably because of the rising body temperature. Her body was half reclining on the sofa, her heavy breath mingled with the faint smell of alcohol and the sweet fragrance of a girl, her head resting on the back of the chair not far from him, and the fragrance of her breath was all within the reach of his sensitive nose. The taro's legs, which could not be straightened, were curled up, and its tender white toes accidentally touched a small remote control. With a "beep", the huge LCD TV was turned on again. A series of films that have been edited and arranged to be comparable to top porn films automatically begin to play, in which there is only one heroine, while the four beautiful and well-built male protagonists "attack" the girls from their one-to-one scenes to four people, and the gorgeous and hot adult films without code instantly envelop the charming atmosphere between them. Look how much fun you let your brothers have! Song Pinyan's animalistic hands stretched out to Song Yinyu, pulling her head in the direction of the TV, pointing to the scene in which she was stripped of her clothes and let a pair of big hands touch her all over her body, and her long fingers separated her thighs to explore her secret playboy heart. His beautiful dark eyes were shining, his lovely pink lips were raised with a half-smile, and his hands, which had been holding her neck, changed direction and passed through her armpits and knees, holding her as light as a feather on the top of the three-person sofa. The pure girl bound by ribbons lies on her side on the dark sofa, and the mint green pleated slip dress decorates her more like the popular SD human doll. As if she could be manipulated, her consciousness was blurred, and although her eyes were open, she did not understand the meaning of his actions at all. The boy's cold hand stroked the curve of her body, stopped at the highest point and then slid down, caressing the white thigh along the lotus leaf skirt. Like playing the piano, the fingers suddenly jump and suddenly stand still,Magnesium Sulphate producer, lifting the skirt little by little, and the girl's secret place is in full view. Along the thigh upward is the round naked buttocks, emitting the source of the girl's fragrance hidden in the smooth and tender meat at the root of the thigh. She's not wearing panties. stargrace-magnesite.com
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