The Supreme True Body

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Qin Tai looked at the Qingshen Jingxin Water in the hands of the ancient merchant and could not help sighing: "If the ancient elder could have more than three bottles of Qingshen Jingxin Water in his hands, even if he fought head-on with Song Kongli, a strong man who had just entered the five levels of deification, I would not be afraid of it!" Several other legendary swordsmen also nodded slightly in agreement. With a wry smile, the ancient merchant said, "Even if it is in the Zhou Tianshan Mountains, it is also a treasure. I can have a small bottle, which is already very good, let alone three bottles." As he spoke, he had already handed the bottle to Qin Zhan and said, "Your greatest advantage is the five layers of powerful divine consciousness. If you have enough divine consciousness and constantly control the spring wind through the power of divine consciousness, I believe you will be able to protect yourself under him!" Thank you, Dean. Thank you for your help! Qin Zhan said sincerely. To be able to have these items, he can not help but have a little more confidence in his own challenge to Shengxuan. Several legendary swordsmen even said, "You're welcome. Qin Zhan wanted to single out Emperor Xuanzong that day. Did he not mean to block the disaster for them?"? At present, they can not give help from the front, but give some support from the side, which is also a little bit of help. Please leave first. The younger generation still has some private affairs to do. A personal matter? "The younger generation still wants to take advantage of this time to go to a place." Although the legendary swordsmen were confused, they saw that Qin Zhan did not say anything and could not ask questions in detail, so they had to nod and say, "Be careful on the way." "Well,dap diammonium phosphate, the younger generation will leave first.". Qin Zhan slightly saluted several people, slightly patted the golden-winged ROC under his seat, and the golden-winged ROC immediately spread its wings and soon turned into a golden brilliance, disappearing at the end of the blue sky. The direction of the flight is the natural barrier of the four directions of the enlightened country. Hopeless Lin Hai 。 Volume 4 Holy Moon Chapter 118 Space Imprisonment Hopeless Lin Hai, Qin Zhan has only been there twice! The first time he went to the hopeless forest, with the characteristics of the magic stone, his body was originally only a trace of weak to negligible divinity,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, and he was promoted to the peak of the three levels of deification, which made him defeat the strong by the weak in the following battles, and had the basic capital! For the second time, under the pressure of the Hidden Dragon Sect, Lin Hai still relied on the power of the magic stone, which made the divine consciousness that had just risen to the beginning of the fourth level of deification suddenly climb to the peak of the fourth level of deification.. It is precisely because of the divine consciousness of the four peaks of deification. In the crisis that followed, he had the capital to settle down. In the past, even if he was cornered by Emperor Shengxuanzong, he would never put his mind on the super strong man, Lin Hai. Now his knowledge has been far above the previous, he can fully affirm that the words of the hidden dragon suzerain before he died, there is no falsehood! Return to the virtual third floor! Carlos, the dragon clan of the spirit world in the hopeless forest, is absolutely the transcendent existence of returning to the three layers of emptiness! Only by returning to the three layers of emptiness, such a strong man like gods and demons, potassium sulphate fertilizer ,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, can he make great progress with only a trace of the power of divine consciousness! Ordinary deification four layers of strong, their divine consciousness can not even activate the instinct of the magic stone in the body! A strong man who returns to the third floor of the void, again and again let him such a small person escape from his hands, then where does his old face go, if he meets again, he will definitely not hesitate to set up a dead hand! But now.. Driving the golden-winged ROC over the hopeless forest, Qin Zhan was also nervous. The biggest reason why he dared to come here to gamble on his luck was the blue scales of the frost dragon in the space ring. If Gu Lan and Carlos are really in the same camp, and they know each other, then, at the time of life and death, if he takes out the scales of Gu Lan and lets him feel the breath of Gu Lan a little, he may be able to survive.. As long as he is lucky enough not to die, he may be able to make his divinity climb up again by absorbing the power of the divinity that burst out indiscriminately from the other side at the beginning. I dare not say that he can be promoted to the sixth level of deification in one fell swoop, at least to the middle of the fifth level of deification, which should be no problem! After taking a deep breath, Qin Zhan estimated that he should be close to Carlos' fifty mile attack radius, so he immediately let the golden-winged ROC put himself down and let it wait outside. He has the characteristics of a magic stone, which can withstand the storm of Carlos's divine consciousness, but the golden-winged ROC does not. Even if it is an ancient mythical beast, it can be equivalent to the strength of the second layer of the incarnation of the strong, as long as it is swept away by the storm of divine consciousness, there will be absolutely no suspense of death on the spot. Rumor has it that the incarnation of six layers of divine consciousness has the terrible strength to directly destroy the three layers of strong people, not to mention the existence of the three layers of terror. Step by step close to the center of the hopeless Lin Hai, Qin Zhan's heart is also unprecedented dignified, although the five layers of the peak of God is not outside, but the whole person's vigilance has reached a very high level, as long as there is any sign of trouble around, can startle his instinctive reaction. Qin Zhan estimated the distance, stood on the edge of the range of fifty miles, ready to escape as soon as there was a change. But after three days, he immediately felt that his thinking must be wrong. Originally he thought that Carlos's divinity was an irregular outbreak, cleaning up the lives within a radius of fifty miles, even if he did not enter the central area, the other side's divinity would sweep crazily, but from the calm of these three days.. It seems that in order to trigger the storm of Carlos'divine consciousness, we must be close to the spiritual vein of the central region. Fleeing from the central area to this area, even if he runs at full speed at any cost with the power of the five layers of divine consciousness to control heaven and earth, it will take at least ten minutes.. Ten minutes Enough for Carlos to gather the power of heaven and earth to slay himself several times. Opportunities often have a crisis... "Qin Zhan Chi congealed for a moment, after all, is a clenched teeth, suddenly to the center of the hopeless forest, relying on the control of divine consciousness for the power of the wind, the whole person like a sharp arrow, roaring through the jungle.". Not long after, the distance of fifty miles has been Qin Zhan across, as the aura is more and more strong,Magnesium Oxide price, the jungle in front of us is suddenly clear, that familiar and strange hundred meters open space, once again appeared in Qin Zhan's vision!.
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