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The head of the Five Swords of Penglai said, "Your Excellency proposes to get rid of Gu's two boys first. Of course, the purpose is the ghost bead!"! And our purpose is in that iron box, if you take your opinion, we may not be able to win, this is a very dangerous thing, if our opinion, of course, the other two forces will attack us, in my opinion, not if we join hands to attack the Red Sect first! Maybe the second boy of the ancient family can help me in the dark! The head of the Ten Harms immediately objected, "We can only kill one thing with one stroke for the Mitianhong Sect. At best, we can only get rid of one big force. Moreover, the result may be that we and the other side will lose both sides. Instead, the two Gu boys will benefit greatly. We can kill two things with one stroke by getting rid of these two boys first. This is the best policy!" Tu Tianpeng said with a smile, "In Yu Beile's mind, the two Gu boys are bound to get rid of each other, but they will never do it before the time is ripe. Your Excellency's opinion is too much for your own sake!" When the Ten Harms heard this, they all looked unhappy. "If the way is right," they said, "I'll stay. If the way is wrong, I'll leave." Zhan Tianpeng laughed and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, the east is not bright and the west is bright. Maybe the Red Sect is waiting for you." Hei Hei, the head of the Ten Harms, said with a smile, "If the Red Earth promises to seize the Soul Bead first, we will inevitably be either friends or enemies." The butcher crane waved his hand angrily and said, "Master Baylor once told me that there are not many of you, and there are not many of you." The head of the ten evils laughed and said, "Good!"! We'll see! The two sides disagreed and hurried out of the temple, but as soon as they arrived at the gate of the temple, the leader saw a man and an ape standing in the stone flat in front of the temple. They changed color,industrial racking systems, their legs were like nails, and they couldn't move a step! It was none other than Gu Shixi in Shiping. He raised his eyebrows and said in a loud voice, "Your lotus tongues have probably succeeded." The first of the ten evils, knowing that something was wrong, hurriedly shouted, "Brothers, put on the ice array quickly!" Ten harms at the same time one point, immediately put out the battle array! Chirp, each sword unsheathed! The group of Qing court figures in the temple seemed to smell the noise and suddenly poured out of the temple gate, but they only stood by at the gate of the temple without any sign of joining in. Gu Shixi took one look and said with a laugh, "I've heard a lot about the Ice Formation of the Ice Sect in those days. But today you're looking for the wrong person. You probably remember that the master and servant each have a sword that can overcome the Ice Skill. The Thunder Sword and the Bingling Sword will be able to show their magic today." The ten evils entered from both sides, and the battle array unfolded. A cold wind rose in front of the temple, and their swords were already piercing. With a loud shout, Gu Shixi led the ape into a cross and rushed. Suddenly, the clear voice of Gu Shiqi came from the top of the temple hall. He was already standing opposite the temple gate with an old man and two giants. In a twinkling of an eye, the ten evils were already hidden in their cold array, and a very thick layer of white fog rose in front of the temple, Automated warehouse systems ,radio shuttle racking, and Gu Shixi was also wrapped up! In the white fog, two groups of red light like fire suddenly appeared, rolling and flowing, so thick white fog was burned like soup splashing snow, churning unceasingly! At the gate of the temple, Tu Tianpeng saw that the ten victims were in a critical situation. He turned to his own people and said, "The ten friends are in danger today!" One of the six religious leaders suddenly asked, "What are you going to do?" "Brother," said Tu Dapeng, "I'm lucky to be able to get out of it." The six religious leaders said in unison, "Are you doing nothing to save me?" Tu Tianpeng laughed and said, "Master Baylor didn't hire us to fight against injustice. Don't be impatient, religious leaders!" "The Ten Friends have a close relationship with us. How can we sit back and do nothing?" The Six Religious Leaders said. Tu Tianpeng said in a loud voice, "Master Baylor rehired you to come to the Central Plains. Before you are dismissed, I'm afraid you can't act on your own." "From now on, we will dismiss you," said the six religious leaders angrily. Tu Tianpeng said with a smile, "If you insist on having your own way, it can be said that you have overreached yourself. In my opinion, if you can't help, I'm afraid you'll bring about your own death. Well, Tu has the right to make a decision for Baylor. Please.". ” As soon as the Six Sect Leaders left, they saw the Five Divine Swords of Penglai. "Brother Tu," he said, "I've made an appointment with the Six Sect Leaders before. This time I'm going to the Central Plains. I'll share the benefits and share the life and death." It was an accident, Tu Tianpeng exclaimed. "Do you want to ask for your own dismissal?" "You can't have both righteousness and profit," said the Five Divine Swords in unison. "You have to choose the former." Tu Tianpeng was speechless and indignant. He didn't know what to do with it. "Almsgiver Tu, we can't stop moving," he said. "If the Almsgiver still hesitates and lets the other side break through layer by layer, the result will be our turn." By this time, the six religious leaders had joined the ten evils, but the five divine swords were watching in the west. Perhaps they could not stand the ice array. Although Gu Shiqi was aware of the situation in front of the temple, he did not care about the six religious leaders joining the ten evils. He seemed to know that his younger brother and the divine ape still had enough energy to deal with it. When the miser saw the intention of the seven monks, he quickly reminded Gu Shiqi, "The Tu brothers seem to have the intention to waver." Gu Shiqi said, "I have prepared the giant spirit and the Great Desert God to fight the Seven Gods. If Tu Tianpeng dares to move, you will always be there to watch. I will get rid of the two of them first." As he spoke, Tu Tianpeng suddenly handed him his hand and said, "Master Gu.". You have to save some energy to fight the Great Red Sect! "Of course," said Gu Shiqi. "At the same time, I have to leave a little spirit to serve Yu Baylor." Ju Tianpeng burst out laughing and said, "Master Gu has too much heart!" "Facts have proved that I am not oversensitive," said Gu Shiqi. "You have already had six religious leaders to do it." Butcher Peng said hurriedly, "The Six Religious Leaders have been dismissed. Master Gu should have heard about it." "I see," said Gu Shiqi. "Don't blame me for not showing mercy." Pretending to be confused, he immediately shouted, "Shixi, get rid of the six religious leaders first!" Suddenly there were several screams in the ice array, and it was obvious that Gu Shixi was replying to his brother! Gu Shiqi suddenly laughed at Tu Tianpeng and said, "Tu Shiqi, my brother's skill is not enough. He can only get rid of four." This kind of call to kill and kill, call to get rid of the power, will be a group in front of the temple trembling with surprise, Tu Tianpeng even can not answer the words! For a long time,warehouse storage racks, Tu Tianpeng hurriedly said to the Seven Gods, "Master Gate, we must not move!" 。
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