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XCVI Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Agnieszki Osieckiej, Aleja Stanów Zjednoczonych, 华沙波兰

Volume II Chapter 116 Ning Zhen and Yao Mimi When the teacher was busy with the matter of letting Xiaohan transfer classes, Xiaohan was immersed in the joy of meeting Jiang Ran again after Fang Guoqing's reunion. After dinner, Fang Guoqing refused the warm invitation of the leaders and came to Xiaohan's house with Xiaohan and Grandpa Shan to visit Zhao's father and mother. Anyway, Xiaohan's house is big enough to clean up a guest room for him in the evening. Hello, brother Zhao! Hello, younger brother and sister! I'm here to disturb you two! Fang Guoqing entered the door and saw Zhao's father and mother greeting him warmly before Xiaohan and others introduced him. Dad, mom, this is Uncle Fang! Fang Chu's father! Xiaohan received the confused eyes of Zhao's father and mother and quickly introduced to them that when they were in Xinjiang, Zhao's father and mother had heard their voices but had not seen them. Hello! Hello! Fang. Brother Fang, hey. After listening to Xiaohan's introduction, Zhao's father was so excited that he was at a loss. In his eyes, Fang Guoqing was the director of the city Bureau, and that was a big official. Hello! Brother Fang, Xiaohan's father is like this. He can't see the big leader. He makes you laugh! Zhao Ma is much better than Zhao Dad at this point. She behaves gracefully, neither humble nor pushy! "Younger brother and sister, look at what you said, what kind of big leader I am!"! Besides,push back racking system, how can I laugh at Brother Zhao? I heard my wife talk about Brother Zhao's hospitality before, and I've heard a lot about it! Fang Guoqing said and took the initiative to shake Zhao Dad's hand, Zhao Dad's face was red with excitement! He is like this, can not stand when the leader's enthusiasm for him, because he is the most unpopular with the leader! After everybody sits down, look for grandfather to just have an opportunity to ask carefully finally: "Small square,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, how can you come here?"? Is it a flat tone or. Fang Guoqing scratched his head with a smile: "From time to time, after Xiaohan's family moved back to their hometown, Jiang Ran's mood has not been very good. This time, the age of the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee of Midong has reached the line, and there is a lack of a suitable candidate. After my friend told me, I felt that my conditions were fully met, so I applied for a transfer." Grandpa Zhao thought for a moment: "If you do this, is it a demotion?" "Yes, Uncle Zhao, it's a demotion of half a grade, but after I served in Midong for a year, there was a deputy mayor in Weidong who arrived at the line, heavy duty cantilever racks ,asrs warehouse, and then I could be promoted to half a grade on the basis of the original level, so it's no delay." Fang Guoqing smiled. Well, that's not bad, or I don't think your father would have agreed. Looking for Grandpa to nod clearly, he said, how could Fang Guoqing agree to such an uneconomical transfer with Fang's temper! Zhao Dad listened to the conversation between Grandpa and Fang Guoqing, and finally mustered up his courage and looked at Fang Guoqing awkwardly: "Fang.." Brother Fang, you.. Are you the municipal party secretary of Midong City? That means you.. Are you now the official parent of the Midong city where my family lives? Zhao Ma looked at Zhao Dad's appearance and felt that his face had been lost, and she couldn't help staring at him mercilessly! Zhao Dad is naturally unaware of this, and now all his thoughts are on Fang Guoqing. Fang Guoqing looked at Zhao's father and smiled: "Brother Zhao, don't be so polite to me. Chu Er and Xiao Han are good friends. Xiao Han also saved my Chu Er's life. My wife and sister Li Su are good friends. So we should be brothers. How can brothers be so polite?"? Whether I am the official of our Midong parents or not, my feelings with brother Zhao are the same! "How dare you!"! How dare you! "Father Zhao waved his hand in a hurry." Uncle Fang, if you get close to my father again, my father won't know how to go and what to say for a while! Xiao Han smiled and came over with a kungfu tea set. She had just gone to wash the tea set. When she came over, she heard the conversation between Fang Guoqing and Zhao's father. How interesting Brother Zhao is too polite! Fang Guoqing smiled helplessly, he also saw that Zhao Dad saw that he was really nervous, it seems that the more he approached him, the more nervous he was. "Xiaohan's father, you sit here and taste the Kungfu tea made by the girl. We are just a family sitting together and chatting. There is no municipal party secretary here, only Xiaohan's uncle Fang. You just regard him as Xiaohan's uncle!" Grandpa smiled and greeted Zhao's father, who was sitting there in a cramped corner. Can you.. Are you really the secretary of our Midong Municipal Party Committee and the biggest official in Midong? At this time, Grandma Zhao's voice suddenly rang, she just saw a stranger, then curious to listen to the corner, did not expect to hear such a shocking news for her, and finally really can not help rubbing over. Who is this? Uncle Fang turned his eyes doubtfully to Xiao Han. My grandmother! Xiao Han answered lightly. Oh! Hello, Aunt Zhao! Fang Guoqing listened to Xiaohan's tone and knew that Xiaohan might not like her grandmother very much. With his understanding of Xiaohan, he knew that Xiaohan was definitely not an unfilial child, which proved that this grandmother was not very reliable, right? So after a brief greeting, he stopped talking. You haven't told me that you are really a high official? "Grandma Zhao is a little persistent." If the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee is a high official in your eyes, then I am. Fang Guoqing answered politely. Did you come to my house for my little Han? Grandma Zhao said with a hopeful look on her face. As soon as Xiaohan saw that she didn't know what she was thinking, she just wanted to prove that she was going out to show off, so she quickly picked up the conversation: "Grandma, you said, how could Uncle Fang come to our house for me? Uncle Fang came to see Grandpa and Master's wife!" Xiao Han said that while Grandma was not paying attention, he winked at Fang Guoqing. Yes, Aunt Zhao, I'm here to see Uncle Zhao and Uncle Shan. Fang Guoqing received Xiaohan's signal and quickly cooperated with him. Oh,push back racking system, not for Han? Did I mishear you just now? Grandma Zhao listened to Fang Guoqing's words, and then thought that her ears had indeed been somewhat backward recently, and her face immediately showed a look of disappointment. kingmoreracking.com
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