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The sword in Wu Yue's hand was pulled away by a sword flower, and a rippling wave appeared in the air, rushing towards the three people on the opposite side. Hu Qingshan and Jiang Wuya, the leader of the alliance, jumped up. The Dharma Protector, on the other hand, raised the dagger in his hand, shook his hand, and rushed toward Wu Yue's sword. Just listen to a'bang ', two sword gas hit together, Hu Qingshan and Jiang Wuya two people did not wait to fall to the ground by the two sword gas impact of the aftermath of the collision flew far away. Wu Yue was the target of the sword gas attack, so he was under a lot of pressure, but he took three steps backwards. Looking at the Dharma Protector, he took a dozen steps back before he stopped slowly. With a flash of light in his eyes and a slight pallor on his face, the Dharma Protector wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth. It was obvious that he was also badly injured! Hu Qingshan and the leader of the alliance are even more discomfited, dusty and difficult to stand up, only to see at this time of two people are hair scattered, like a madman, in the absence of the previous charm. On the other side of the pagoda, a dark shadow flew over. The shadow was getting closer and closer. When he got closer, he saw that it was Guangliang who had rushed over. At this time,pallet rack shelving, Guangliang was not as handsome as before. He also had a few sword wounds on his body and an angry face. I didn't expect such a thing to happen on the first day when I just sat on the head. Fortunately, when my master was dying, he passed on all his life's skills to himself, otherwise he would have hung in the hands of the men in black. Martial Uncle, why are you doing this? See the line-ups in front of Guangliang will know how to return a responsibility, see Wu Yue and the leader of the four confrontation, behind the leader of the alliance is standing more than a dozen men in black is not difficult to see who is right and who is wrong,metal racking systems, but still very grateful to Wu Yue nodded. Martial Nephew, you're just in time. The member of the Demon Sect wants to assassinate Wulin colleagues! At this time, Liaoning pointed to Wu Yue to frame the way, just Liaoning was injured by Wu Yue's sword gas, at this time is also injured in the body. Seeing this, the Dharma Protector had a flash of light in his eyes and attacked Wu Yue again. By this time, the leader of the alliance and others had been wounded, and he was the only one left. So in any case, he has to take Wu Yue first, and Liaoning will go to appease Guang Liang! At this time, Szeto Nan listened to Liaoning's words and almost lost his breath and vomited blood. How dare you not admit it? Now it's better to frame us. Guang Liang is not like the former Guang Liang, who used to be covered by a master and had nothing to do all day long, which is the appearance of Guang Liang to confuse people. Now Guang Liang turned up his nose at Martial Uncle's words. He raised his hands and stepped on his feet. He attacked Liaoning and said, "I want to clean up the house!" "Martial Nephew, don't propose a toast. Do you think you are my opponent?" Liaoning just looked at it lightly, shuttle rack system ,automated warehouse systems, and the Zen staff in his hand was dancing like a tiger, but he neglected one thing, that is, he forgot that his brother could be inherited. Although Guangliang had just accepted the inheritance and could not play all his real strength, it was more than enough to deal with him. Wu Yue and Dharma Protector Wu Yue and Dharma Protector Hu Qingshan were already in a white-hot battle. They saw people twinkling on the ground. Even the leader of the alliance and Hu Qingshan felt that they couldn't do anything to help. They could only stand by and watch. Sweat was seeping from their foreheads. "Are these two people still human?" They asked in their hearts? Looking at Guang and Liang, they didn't fight as fiercely as they did! Just listen to'Boom! ' With a loud noise, Guangliang and Liaoning had already won or lost, only to see Liaoning half lying on the ground at this time, pointing to Guangliang with trembling right hand, saying intermittently in his mouth, "You …" .. You … I can't believe you. . Accepted … . Elder Martial Brother's … . Inheritance !” Although Guang Liang defeated his uncle, but the heart is not good, no matter how to say that Liaoning is also his uncle, he grew up watching himself, and now he killed him himself! But he still said excitedly, "Martial Uncle, I'm sorry. Shifu, he has known for a long time that your heart has changed. It's not the heart of this temple. But I have no intention to kill you. I just hope you can change for the better. Who knows.." ..!” Guang Liang can't say the following words now. Several people count Liaoning's skill is the shallowest, so the leader of the alliance and Hu Qingshan saw also did not help, Liaoning is just a pawn, it is not a pity to abandon. "Elder Martial Brother!"! I'm sorry, Younger Martial Brother! Liaoning looked at the sky and sighed lightly. After saying that, he hit his head on the ground, and suddenly the red and white goods flowed all over the ground. After being slapped by Guangliang, Liaoning was disheartened, and with Guangliang's words, he felt sorry for his brother, so he chose to commit suicide in a trance. Amitabha! Buddhism is a quiet place, and the killing caused today is already too great! Guang Liang said with tears in his eyes. The more the Dharma Protector fights with Wu Yue, the more surprised he is. I didn't expect Wu Yue to have such an achievement at such a young age. I haven't seen him for a long time. It seems that this matter can only be reported back to the religious leader! Mind to this mouth on the subordinates ordered: "You lead the six heads of the first retreat!" " After listening to the words of the Dharma Protector, the men in black quickly retreated toward the mountain gate, but at this time Guangliang blocked the door and did not let the crowd leave. The leader of the alliance and Hu Qingshan dodged to the front of the crowd and launched an attack on Guangliang. At this time, under the resistance of Jiang Wuya and Hu Qingshan, the men in black were able to dodge out of the mountain gate and rush down the mountain. Although Guangliang accepted the distant inheritance, but the helpless time is too short, for a while and a half will not play half of the distant strength. So under the attack of two people can only retreat, but Szeto Nan see the situation is not right, hold back the injury on the body to join the battle circle, temporarily relieve the pressure on Guangliang. At this time, Wu Yue turned at his feet, dropped the broken sword in his hand, and hit the Dharma Protector with the Eighteen Palms of Subduing the Dragon, only to hear the sound of a dragon roar. Now, after learning the Sutra of the Sun, Wu Yue used the Eighteen Palms of Subduing the Dragon at will, only to see the air around him swinging with the wind of Wu Yue's palm. Seeing this,teardrop pallet racking, the Dharma Protector stepped on a series of footprints similar to those of Wu and Yue and disappeared into the sky in a few flashes! It can be seen that he is afraid of Wu Yue's Eighteen Palms of Subduing the Dragon. At this time Jiang Wuya and Hu Qingshan said, the chain of Szeto South and Guang Liang attacked a few times and then quickly rushed out of the mountain gate. Just as they were about to catch up, they heard Wu Yue's voice behind them. "Forget it!" 。
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