Great Qin Empire 5

xvxvxv, Rue Goudard, 马赛法国

Li Mu was silent, and the old party's palace change plan was naturally put on hold for the time being. However, all kinds of strange rumors about Li Mu swept Handan and spread to the Warring States. Li Mu supports the army and respects himself. "Li Mu and Guo Kai shared honor and disgrace and formed a party." "Li Mu reported Guo Kai's two recommendations to help Guo Kai declare himself the Prince of Zhao." "Li Mu has never respected the king's life, and this time he will dominate Zhao!" And so on and so forth. In the face of all kinds of rumors, Li Mu laughed with tears in his eyes: "The foolishness of the people of Zhao never remembers the rumors of the Changping War!" At this time, Guo Kai once again personally brought the brigade to reward the chariots and horses. In advance, Guo Kai announced that the Prince of Zhao had ordered Li Mu to fight against the Qin Dynasty and to add a fief of one hundred Li. When Li Mu heard the news, he was furious. Not only did he not hold a military banquet, but he did not even see Guo Kaijian, so he drove the special envoy's chariots and horses out of the frontier camp. Rao is so, rumors remain the same, Li Mu is also increasingly suspected by the government and the public. Guo Kai, as always, always comes to reward Li Mu in person, and every time he makes a big show of it. When Li Mu did not see it, Guo Kai put the banner embroidered with the commendation of the Prince of Zhao and the eulogy of Guo Kai's party all over the deer, and piled up a large number of goods like a hill of cattle, sheep and wine at the camp gate. Red brocade banners such as "Gonggai Wubai", "Dazhao Gancheng" and "New Dynasty Pillar" were flying day by day, and meat and wine mountains were fragrant all day long, which attracted passers-by's attention and discussion, and a chaotic scene never appeared in the frontier army camps. One is the king who has shown the government and the public his evil deeds, and the other is the great traitor who controls the dissolute king. The two of them are in love with Li Mu. How can the fierce Zhao people not be angry? Just at the time of chaos, Daijun Daijun in the northern part of the State of Zhao, one of the prefectures of the State of Zhao, was generally located in the Yuyan River and Water Control Basin in southern Inner Mongolia, northern Shanxi and northwestern Hebei today. Another sudden and unusual earthquake! Most of the houses in more than 20 counties of Daijun County collapsed, and the widest crack reached more than 130 steps. Immediately after the drought, the plague epidemic,fine bubble diffuser, farmland and weeds shake, on behalf of the county into an unprecedented famine. Sudden natural disasters, Guo Kai a group of ruling figures do not care, still daily political tricks. The royal family of Zhao Qian indulged in absurdity and evil habits every day. They did not issue an order or do anything, and allowed the hungry people to flee to Liaodong and the vast grasslands of Yan. Unexpectedly, a ballad quickly spread in the State of Zhao: "Zhao is the name, and Qin is the smile.". If you think you don't believe it, look at the raw hair of the earth! In addition to the spread of folk songs, the State of Zhao also gave birth to a rumor: The universe is in a great rift, and heaven is warning that the civil and military forces of the State of Zhao are colluding with each other to cause chaos in the country! This civil and military two evil, no matter who explains all Angang angran refers to as Guo Kai and Li Mu. Rumors flew to the army shogunate, Li Mu repeatedly sneer, but can not say a word. For decades, Li Mu led the border troops to stay in Yunzhong, lamella clarifer ,disc air diffuser, and the county behind him was his solid backup. The border troops of Li Mu and the border people of Yunzhong and Daijun have always been in perfect harmony, and the protection of herdsmen has a great reputation. Can Li Mu'an sit back and watch the disaster of the border people today? At this time, although Li Mu's main army had moved to Dongyuan in the northeast of Shangdang County because of the southward battle against Qin, the city of Zhao was now northeast of Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province. Fortress. However, as soon as Li Mu got the news, regardless of all kinds of rumors, he immediately sent Feiqi Feather Book and ordered Yunzhong Camp to spare no effort to rescue the victims of Daijun. At the same time, Li Mu wrote an urgent letter to the Prince of Zhao, asking him to open the state treasury to relieve the victims! However, Li Mu's envoy did not see the Prince of Zhao at all, and only managed to find Guo Kai in the side hall of the royal city. At this point, Guo Kai finally revealed the truth and coldly dropped a few words to Li Mu's special envoy: "Does Wu Anjun want to save the reputation of the victims?"? OK. However, he has to say it himself. As long as Li Mu is not in the same way with the old man, don't ask the old man to achieve his achievements! At this point, the elders of the State of Zhao felt so angry that they attributed the disaster and chaos to "appeasement of evil, and the country became a great disaster!" Who is appeasing evil? The senators did not know what to say. This has led to a lot of rumors. All of a sudden, Li Mu became a troublemaker in the eyes of the government and the public. Li Mu is angry! Wu An Jun of the State of Zhao could not bear it any more. He first publicly announced to the government and the public in the form of a military letter. He sternly reprimanded Guo Kai, a group of ruling ministers, for treating the people like dirt. He declared that if disaster relief was delayed again, the frontier army would never sit idly by! After that, Li Mu immediately handed over all the taxes and provisions of his fief to the county treasury for the relief of the victims. Li Mu did two things like this, one was to separate himself from Guo Kai, and the other was to drive the patriarch to open a private treasury to relieve the victims, and to strengthen the pressure on Guo Kaishi, the Prince of Zhao, in order to stabilize the border people of Zhao. However, Li Mu did not expect that the situation of Zhao was even more mysterious. The border people no longer doubt Li Mu, a wave of praise, all regard Li Mu as the Great Wall of Zhao. The elders led by Chun Pingjun were really indifferent and estranged from Li Mu. Although, each patriarch was forced to take out some hay to the whole face, but for Li Mu this kind of action, but greatly disapprove. Through Sima Shang, the emissary of Chunping Jun told Li Mu, "Your journey is only to explain your appearance, but only to understand your name."! If I want to help the foundation of the country, how can I be in the same way with you? The elder statesmen of the State of Zhao and Li Mu finally parted ways. At that time, Li Mu was busy planning a decisive battle against Qin. After listening to Sima Shang's report, he smiled bitterly and was so tired that he did not even have the strength to argue. At this time, Guo Kai's troops were doing something else: after Li Muming issued a military letter, Guo Kai not only did not make a public defense, but sent several groups of officials to Daijun for disaster relief. Although the relief officials did not bring the urgently needed goods and provisions to the victims in the border areas in the end, they robbed the disaster area again like locusts. However, Guo Kai, after all, rumbled out disaster relief in the name of Wang Ming. Li Mu has no time to send out the elite troops to investigate the truth, and can't do anything at this time,MBR reactor, the old forces that can be relied on are also like passers-by, no matter how Guo Kai play tricks, Li Mu is unable to save the day. What Li Mu did not know was that it was precisely at this juncture that Guo Kai had a life-and-death enmity with him.
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