Burning love and official career

xvxvxv, Rue Goudard, 马赛法国

This night and Zhao Xue stayed in the hotel for one night, and did it twice in the evening, each time Zhao Xue, who had tasted the matter of men and women for the first time, wanted to die. The next morning, Zhao Xue was still sleeping naked in his arms. Zhao Desan got up carefully, covered her with a quilt, dressed neatly, opened the door gently and ran directly to the Bureau. A few days did not come to work, this time came back with color on his head, everyone heard that he was injured by Gao Husheng because of the restructuring of the matter, not only no one laughed, but attracted the unanimous praise of everyone. Bai Ling, a temporary cleaner, also heard in private that he was injured. At first, she didn't believe it. When she met him in the Bureau compound in the morning, she saw him with her own eyes and knew that he was injured. She was very sad for a moment. When she saw Zhao Desan with gauze on his head, her eyes like autumn water flashed with crystal tears. But in full view of the Bureau,rapid sand filters, she was afraid of gossip. I dare not take the initiative to talk in full view of the public. A few days did not see Bai Ling this beautiful young woman, this time saw but let Zhao Desan eyes for a bright, why? Because her dress today is different from the past, it can be said that she is different. Because she wears a dark green cheongsam with bright peony pattern, silk texture and noble color, wearing on such a beautiful and moving young woman,Dissolved Gas Flotation, her plump crisp chest and high and fat buttocks are tightly wrapped, so that her attractive figure is more prominent, the designer gives the beauty of the cheongsam to wear out the flavor, it is simply beautiful. The whole person appears dignified and elegant, without losing the unique amorous feelings of the young woman, revealing a trace of charm in nobility, which is really more charming than peach blossoms. He couldn't help but look a few more times, and was seen by Li Shanshan, who was dumping garbage on the third floor. She stamped her feet on the railing and shouted angrily at him: "Zhao Desan, what are you doing?" The sudden voice pulled Zhao Desan's mind back from Bai Ling's seductive figure, smiled straight at her, looked up at Li Shanshan, turned and walked quickly into the office building. As soon as he reached the second floor, fine bubble diffuser ,Lamella Plate Settler, Li Shanshan came down quickly, pouted a little angrily and said, "Have you seen enough?" "What?" Zhao Desan pretended to know nothing and looked at her. Bai Ling! Li Shanshan squinted at Bai Ling, who was sweeping the yard. "I didn't blink my eyes just now!"! Is it that good? "I think the cheongsam she wears is quite good." Zhao Desan laughed. Li Shanshan sneered contemptuously: "Oh!"! It's a pity that it's ridiculous to wear it on a young woman who sweeps the yard! "You!" Zhao Desan listened to her words full of humiliation to Bai Ling. In a hurry, he frowned and wanted to stand up for her. But the person he was facing was Secretary Li, who had a good impression on him. He said the word "you" and swallowed the rest of the words into his stomach. He opened his eyebrows and said with a smile: "Although he is just a yard cleaner, we can't look down on him." 'What's The matter? Do you still want to stand up for that ridiculous young woman? ?” Li Shanshan raised her eyebrows and chin to question him. Where is it? Zhao Desan said with a bad smile, "In fact, I think that cheongsam must look good on you. You are tall and have a good figure. You must look much better than her. If we wear it again.." Hey, hey. Li Shanshan pursed her lips, frowned and twisted his arm. "What are you thinking about all day?" She asked. This twist is too hard, the pain of Zhao Desan ah cried out, even not far from the office of the safety and quality department of Su Jing were provoked out, opened the door and poked his head out to see Zhao Desan and Li Shanshan flirting at the stairway entrance, snorted back his head and threw the door. Don't be so close in the Bureau. If you are seen, you will talk nonsense again. Zhao Desan rubbed his arm and said. Xiao Li, Xiao Li. Director Zhang's voice came from the third floor. Li Shanshan answered in a loud voice: "Yes." While turning around and walking quickly to the third floor, he turned back and threw a wink at Zhao Desan. Zhao Desan gave a bad smile, and when she went up, she couldn't help turning her head to take a look at Bai Ling who was sweeping the yard. Although she was just a cleaner sweeping the yard, everyone in the Bureau looked down on her, but he was an exception, because he knew that Bai Ling was not easy as a woman. In the face of a broken family, she chose not to escape. Instead, he continued to insist on maintaining his meager ability and never abandoned his husband who had lost his ability to survive, which made him admire him as a man. Bai Ling, who is in her thirties, is naturally beautiful and beautiful. Not only is she not arrogant, but she is humble to everyone in the Bureau. She doesn't even dare to speak loudly, which makes Zhao Desan dare to have a relationship with her. Chapter 180 of the first volume of military orders is not made in vain. Dark green cheongsam wrapped under her figure looks exquisite, Zhao Desan more and more want to let her wear this cheongsam to do that thing, do not know how cool it will be. After staring at her for a long time, I heard a cough coming from the corridor, and then I turned around and walked to the office. At ten o'clock in the morning, Vice Mayor Yu came to the Bureau to hold a meeting on the restructuring of the coal industry in Yuyang City. At the meeting, he made a profound analysis of Gao Husheng's case as a typical example. Taking it as a model, he carried out a profound ideological education for all the people in the Bureau. "You can't let others do whatever they want because they give you money." In the end, you are the unlucky ones! Vice Mayor Yu's words deeply touched Zhao Desan, a rookie in officialdom. He also warned himself in his heart that he must not be captured by the sugar-coated shells of those coal bosses in the future. He should be a person with a general outlook. Of course, the theme of the meeting was about the restructuring of the coal industry. Vice Mayor Yu conveyed the consensus of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government to all the staff of the Coal Bureau,filter nozzle, leaving the merger and acquisition to the Coal Bureau, and began to conduct a comprehensive investigation of several capable enterprises, one of which would take over. khnwatertreatment.com
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