Jun Nan Fang (complete edition) (Mei Guo, Mo Fan, Yi Feng, Jin Rui, Pei Wei, Mu Qiu, Yan Hong, Li Luo)

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Ming Hong saw with her own eyes how sad she was when she died. Suddenly she was so calm that he was deeply disturbed. "Princess.." Mei Guo raised her hand, stopped him and said, "Let's eat first, I'm hungry." A few people looked at each other a few eyes, each meal, this is carrying the heart is at sixes and sevens. Pepe will definitely come back, but it's not a reincarnation. Chapter 058 coup. Mei Guo and so on ate half full, then asked about the current situation, several people will not hide what they know, one by one to listen to her. After hearing that Li Luo said that many people of unknown origin had sneaked into the palace recently, Wei Zi Mo's face changed, "I'm afraid the coup is in these days." Meiguo stood up and walked around the room slowly, thinking hard. She stopped at the piano by the window and plucked the strings. "General Wei said that at the end of the day, he was in the middle of the court. Did he have a chess game to slay the rebellious party?" "Yes, in the past few years, there have been many culverts in the palace for the army to sneak into every corner of the palace, but.." Wei Zimo calculated how many chances there would be to win in the event of a coup in the cold palace. Are you worried that the Empress Dowager's Palace will be controlled by Han Gongyu and the prince will be kidnapped? Mei Guo hunched and flicked the strings with one hand. Wei Zimo nodded, because in order not to be found by the cold palace Yu culvert, in the vicinity of the Empress Dowager Hall did not dare to start. As soon as Mei Guo Yu pointed to the hook, the string made a loud sound of Zheng. As soon as the finger pressed, the sound was broken. "General Wei, I have to bother you to do something." "Just say it, princess." Meiguo took out a gold medal from the secret compartment under the harp and handed it to Wei Zimo. "You take this gold medal to find Mammy Xu, who is in charge of arranging the daily chores in the palace. She will help you." Wei Zi Mo Leng Leng, "is this?" "Just do as I say." The gold medal was left to her by her mother. As early as before her mother left, the palace had set up its own people. At that time, it was used to prevent Ziyang's rebellion, but now it is Han Gongyu that she doesn't want to deal with. Wei Zimo got up and went. Mei Guo asked Li Luo again,heavy duty cantilever racks, "You are in the palace every day, dealing with people. In your opinion, when will Han Gong Yu start?" Li Luo thought for a moment, "in my opinion, I'm afraid it will be seven days later." "Why seven days later?" "She came back with her wounds. The doctor who treated her was one of us. He said she was seriously injured and would be able to move at least seven days later. But judging from the fact that a large number of people are now in the palace, she won't wait too long. Once she can get out of bed, she's afraid it's time to start." Ming Hong put down the bowls and chopsticks in her hand. "Han Gongyu was injured by me. The palm made her break a few ribs. The injury was really serious. But she had the ability to escape back to Putin. Why couldn't she get out of bed?" Li Luo was stupefied. "She was indeed carried back. I saw it with my own eyes in the crowd." Mei Guo sneered, "I think it should be tomorrow, be carried back, I am afraid it is a camouflage, and let the medicine boy come back, is also intentional.". She may not know that the medicine boy is one of us, but she will not think that she is surrounded by informants. Li Luo shivered. "Can Wei Zimo have time?" Mei Guo smiled shallowly. She never doubted the arrangement of her mother and Mo Fan. "You three go to help Wei Zimo. Remember, Han Gongyu, I want to live." Ming Hong three people also got up and left. Mei Guo waited for the three of them to leave before looking out of the window at the branches swaying gently in the wind. "It's time for me to go to the palace, drive in racking system ,push back racking system, too. Han Gong Yu, it's time for us to meet." She asked Xiaoxian to open the wardrobe. Most of her clothes were white. Her fingertips brushed the brocade clothes hanging in the wardrobe one by one. Finally, she chose a white dress without any pattern. She removed all the decorations on it and put it on her body. At a glance, it looked like a very sad dress. He cut white flowers with white silk and pinned them in his hair. When Xiaoxian saw her dressed like this, she put up with it and couldn't help it. "Miss, go to see the queen mother like this?" "It's to see Han Gongyu." Mei Guo calmly wiped the small golden crossbow that had not been used for a long time and hid it in her skirt. "Go and prepare the car." After entering the capital, Meiguo asked Xiaoxian to get out of the car and go back to Zhennan Wangfu, but Xiaoxian refused. "In the past six months, there have been many people in the palace, and there are their people guarding all the gates. They don't know the young lady, but they are afraid they won't let the young lady enter the palace.". Over the past few years, the queen mother has called me into the palace from time to time to ask about the young lady, and they have recognized me. If Meiguo is not bad, there will be a coup at any time, after entering the palace, it is inevitable that it will be dangerous, so she did not tell Ming Hong that she had entered the palace, but she did not enter the palace. She was afraid that no matter how fast they were, they would not be faster than Han Gongyu. She didn't want Xiaoxian to be in danger, but if she didn't enter the palace, even if Wei Zimo controlled the situation, it was hard to guarantee that she could really catch Han Gongyu alive, and she would never allow such a thing to happen. But Xiaoxian refused to go home alone, Meiguo helpless, see the time is not early, worried about the incident in the palace, dare not delay, only to get in front of the palace gate, let Xiaoxian wait in the car, get off, really can not enter the palace gate, she came down to negotiate with the guards. As a result, in front of the palace gate, the guards saw Meiguo in mourning clothes and refused to let her in. Finally, Xiaoxian got out of the car to negotiate and let her go. Meiguo had no choice but to take Xiaoxian into the palace. Palace of Empress Dowager. Pu Huang and the queen mother stared at the cold palace Yu sitting opposite, although the expression is calm, but the face is really not good. Han Gongyu's face was also covered with dark clouds. That day, he was so angry that he killed Pei. Although this piece of land was going to be in his hands in a twinkling of an eye, he was not happy. Don't waste time, hand over the seal, and you can keep the whole body. Pu Huang cold hum, "did not go to the last step, still do not know the victory or defeat, you may not be complacent earlier." He had received the news from Mammy Xu that Wei Zimo had returned to Beijing. He did not know what Wei Zimo was going to do, but as a king, he understood that the most important thing in such a situation was to delay time. Han Gongyu felt a pain in her chest. She leaned back against the back of the Fengwen soft chair. She didn't know that Pu Huang had lost all his martial arts. She didn't dare to force her to get the imperial seal. Even if she killed Pu Huang and the Empress Dowager,Teardrop Pallet Racking, she couldn't sit in that position. Pu Huang won't give up until he reaches the Yellow River. What's the harm if I sit with you for a while? Pu Huang sneered, just drink tea, no longer pay attention to her. jracking.com
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