Cross the battle to be a favorite concubine

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She also wanted to wait for her to return to the rules of Fengyi Palace and humiliate Kang Gengyi. How could she still feel pity for her? If Kang Gengyi didn't do something to her at that time, how could he get into such a pitiful situation? It can only be said that a pitiful person must have something to hate. Xiao Wanci gloated in her heart that Kang Gengyi had to give a gift of Zhu Chai. When she was talking to Zhao Xin, she asked the drizzle to wrap a purse of thirty taels of silver and give it to Zhao Xin, saying that it was a red envelope for him for the New Year. Even a few little eunuchs who came with Zhao Xin to deliver things, she also rewarded each of them with five taels of silver, just for the sake of celebrating the New Year. 、133. Drunk In fact, at ordinary times, Zhao Xin came to Jinhua Palace to send a message, Xiao Wan Ci would usually give three to five or two silver rewards, today to give so much, one is Chinese New Year's Eve today, so once a year. This two, she just can see, the emperor reward things, there are a lot of gold naked and gold leaves, immediately feel her pocket bulging, naturally on the issue of silver reward, the hand is much looser. Zhao Xin took the purse with a smile and took the man back to reply. As soon as Zhao Xin and his group left, Qiuguo and Drizzle began to sort out the things in the four boxes. Xiao Wanci was holding a small box of gold naked and gold leaves. She couldn't help but be happy. Please forgive her shallow eyes. In Dajing, what she saw most was silver tickets and silver. She had never seen so much gold. Now that she has a bulging purse,heavy duty rack manufacturers, she feels it's good to be a little rich woman. By the time of Hai Shi Duo, the three of them sorted out the items in the box, saying that they were sorting out, but in fact they were sorting out by Qiuguo and Drizzle, and she was just directing beside them. Two of the boxes were filled with all kinds of silks and satins for making clothes, which were the most popular colors and materials nowadays. Of course, the best ones were Shu brocade and Yun brocade, each with two pieces. There was also a box filled with a complete set of jewelry,wire mesh decking, and exquisite styles of Zhu Chai, Buyao and so on. The last box was filled with some miscellaneous things, such as the best Rouge and gouache, the two boxes of gold naked and gold leaves she had just held, and so on. Although they were miscellaneous, they were all exquisite and valuable, which showed that they had used their hearts. When the three people and four boxes were all sorted out, Xiao Wanci also felt sleepy. Supposedly tonight Chinese New Year's Eve, is to Shousui, but she really can not hold up, usually she Xu hour four hours to wash up and go to bed, today is an hour late, feel their two eyelids straight fight. She did not intend to stay up late to watch the New Year, but the autumn fruit and drizzle intended to watch the New Year, mobile racking systems ,industrial racking systems, so once a year, sleepy to endure the past, two people wait for Xiao Wanci to wash and rest. Xiao Wanci did not know how long she had slept, and when she was sleeping deeply, she listened to someone calling her softly and shaking her gently. She opened her sleepy and misty eyes and saw that the drizzle was calling her. "What's the matter?" She asked questioningly. What time is it? Wake her up. Master, the emperor is coming! The drizzle replied. What, the emperor is coming? Her face was so surprised that even the last trace of sleepiness disappeared. She clearly remembered that tonight was New Year's Eve. Where is the emperor? As she yawned, she lifted the brocade quilt and got out of bed, she asked the drizzle around her. Sitting on the couch outside. The drizzle came forward to help her get up. What time is it now? "Just when I was ugly." When she got up, the drizzle bent down and began to put on the embroidered shoes on her feet. She hesitated for a moment and whispered, "The maidservant always feels that the emperor is not quite right." Xiao Wan Ci is stupefied, drizzle says what meaning is not quite right? "What's wrong?" She asked the drizzle in a whisper. The emperor seems to have drunk wine. The drizzle still spoke out his guess. Is that very drunk? Drizzle shook his head: "I do not know the maidservant, should be fierce!" " She only saw that when the emperor entered the door of the Jinhua Hall, he tilted and almost knocked down. Zhao Qing reached out to help him, but was thrown away by the emperor. Then the emperor swayed himself into the hall, and after he came in, he sat directly on the couch and wandered out of the sky. Later, Zhao Qing kept winking at her and asked her to come in and call her master. Then she came into the dormitory, and Qiu Guo stayed outside to wait on her. Hearing the drizzle say that the emperor was drunk, Xiao Wanci had a bottom in her heart, and hurriedly asked the drizzle to tidy up her hair. Said to tidy up, that is, a little loose hair, took a comb to comb twice, and then took a coat on the body, with the drizzle out of the bedroom. As soon as she came out of the bedroom, she saw Wei Limo sitting on the couch. His eyes were staring straight at a place. Zhao Qing handed him a cup of tea and said, "Your Majesty, the slave poured you a cup of tea. Would you like to take a sip?" Wei Limo didn't even lift his eyelids. "No," he said. His mouth was mumbling, and he spoke with a big tongue. When Zhao Qing saw the emperor's uncooperative tone, he was almost dizzy. How can the emperor be so disobedient? Today, after drinking wine and the palace banquet, he went back to the main hall and had a good sobering up soup. How good it is to have a good sleep. In the middle of the night, he had to come to Xi Ronghua. Under the imperial drive, stand unstable and not let people help, and people Xi Ronghua has long rested, so the emperor sat in the hall in a daze, let drink water also do not cooperate. He is too bitter! Zhao Qingben wanted to persuade again, but when he saw Xi Ronghua out of the bedroom, it was like seeing a savior, and his face was immediately infected with a smile. The slave has seen Master Xi! Xi Ronghua must have heard his call to come out so quickly. Give me this cup of tea in your hand. Xiao Wanci came near and said to him. Zhao Qing which dare to neglect, according to the words directly handed her the teacup in his hand. Since she came out, Wei Limo has not been staring at a certain place, but instead of staring at her face, his face is not just wooden,warehousing storage solutions, but a smile on his face. Xiao Wanci took the teacup from Zhao Qing's hand and tasted it first. After tasting it, she handed it to him and said, "Come and drink water." He bent down to take his big hand and let him take the tea.
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