I waited for you for a long time.

Zvolen, 斯洛伐克

Generally speaking, Tang Yao is just a painless accident that is not difficult to deal with, and it may be cold and scattered under the time. Compared with Tang Qichen, this is nothing. After Tang Qichen's confession in the ancient town, as he promised, he did not "disturb" Wen Yining any more. They did not work on the same floor, and the number of times they met on weekdays was very few. But whenever you meet on a certain occasion, Tang Qichen's eyes are still fixed on her body, or watching, or watching from a distance, you can feel that very sticky force. This kind of silent rendezvous, appears to have the content, also lets Wen Yining feel perturbed. Fortunately, Tang Qichen is really busy with his work. He is not in the company for three or five days a week because of meetings and business trips. On Tuesday, Wen Yining received a phone call from Li Xiaoliang, saying that he would bring his mother to Shanghai for a review in two days. Xiaoliang's mother had a lumbar stent operation here years ago, and it was the same time. Wen Yining is quite happy, is greedy, let Li Xiaoliang bring more special products for himself. Shanghai began to heat up slowly in May, and this summer seems to have come earlier than usual. When Tang Qichen came back from a business trip in the northern city, he obviously felt the heat wave when he got off the plane. Old Yu picked up the early waiting,stainless steel edge trim, the car opened the appropriate air conditioning, sat in a few minutes, hot and dry cool down. Tang Qichen's trip was to inspect the factory. He went to several cities in a row. He had a stomach disease in the middle, and now his face is still tired. He closed his eyes to rest, and the shallow lines between his eyebrows did not disperse. Ke Li reminded: "General Manager Tang, go straight back to Fangdian Road?" Mr. Tang personally told him to go back for dinner in the evening. Tang Qichen gave a hum and asked Lao Yu, "Are things ready?" Old Yu answers earnestly: "Put Trunk for you, it is old man likes completely." After sorting out the data,metal trim manufacturers, Ke Li closed his notebook and said, "Tang Yao will stay in Shanghai for the next two months. It seems that the subsidiary here will be built sooner or later.". The old man used a lot of connections and helped him a lot. Tang Qichen only asked, "Where does he live in Shanghai?" "Puli Hotel, booked by his secretary." "You go and arrange for him to live in that house in Pudong." This is one of the apartments under Tang Qichen's private name. The location is excellent and the decoration is of high grade. Tang Qichen himself had never lived there and was idle. Ke Li understood what he meant, and this was a face-saving effort for the old man. He is the elder brother, is the eldest brother, this bearing and comprehensive, in the eyes of outsiders or to play watertight. When the car pulled into the Inner Ring Bridge, Tang Qichen suddenly asked, "Is he still running to me?" Ke Li's palms were cold, and he weighed his words carefully and replied, "Yes.". In Yining's place, a bunch of flowers never fall every day. From then on, Tang Qichen was so silent that he never spoke again. At the villa, china tile trim ,stainless steel edging strip, the nanny was putting pigeon soup on the table after cooking all morning. Tang Shurong is talking happily with Tang Yao. Tang Qichen changed into a decent and spiritual smiling face when he entered the door. "As soon as you came, you heard Grandpa's laughter outside the door." Tang Yao got up and called out, "Elder brother." Tang Qichen came over and patted him on the shoulder. "I'm busy on a business trip. I didn't attend to you. I'm free these two days. Let's get together in the evening and take you to know some friends." Tang Yao answered with a smile and said, "Friends?"? Can you ask for a convenience and call Yining. I can't think of any other way but to send flowers every day. The old man had a sharp ear and asked, "Oh?"? Did Xiao Yao meet a new friend? Tang Yao sat back on the sofa and said with a smile, "The girl treats me as a friend, and I want to be her boyfriend." This magnanimous atmosphere, true and false difficult to distinguish, he turned to Tang Qichen said: "Brother, your people, you do not mind it?" In front of the old man, Tang Qichen naturally would not do much to express, along this half circle, the other half of the arc to draw a circle, the mood is very calm said: "working hours, pay attention to the impact." Tang Yao laughed, "good." Mr. Tang asked, "Are you an employee of Yahui?"? What's his name? Which department? Xiao Yao actually has a heart, Qichen, you are the eldest brother, also pay attention. Not so fast. I don't want to scare her. I will chase slowly first, send flowers, chat, and when there is a need for big brother's help in the future, I will not be polite. This remark is very to the old man's mind, Frank, Xiaoxiao Sasa, Tang Shurong smiling, in a good mood pointed to Tang Qichen, "in front of your eldest brother modest, in case he does not agree." "What can't you promise? Does he want to go after him too?" Tang Yao raised his eyebrows and turned to look at Tang Qichen. "Really, brother, do you also want to remember it?" All the restraint and calmness of Tang Qichen just now were pushed away by Tang Yao's "Nian Nian". This is Wen Yining's nickname, and only people who are close and different can call her so well. It's like the cap of a soda bottle. When you unscrew it, the air inside surges out. Most of the time, especially after the reunion, even Tang Qichen seldom called her by her nickname. He did not pay attention to Tang Yao's joking inquiry, had the posture of throwing down his face, cut him coldly with cold and indifferent eyes, and then turned away. Halfway through, Chen Sa sent him a text message. Tang Qichen had told her that the customer information she had prepared and some original industrial and commercial documents would be used for the meeting tomorrow. But Chen Sa has something to do temporarily, and he will fly to Taiwan early tomorrow morning. She asked Tang Qichen where he was now and sent someone directly to him. Tang Qichen's emotional process was only a matter of one or two seconds. He bowed his head and returned to his address. When he looked up again, he smiled and had a safe and sound dinner together. After dinner, it was no fun to stay in the house all the time. Tang Qichen and Tang Yao took a walk along the lake. Tang Yao is a talker who can say a few words about everything and talk about the economic situation at home and abroad. Tang Qichen and his views also have a time of collision and unification, and they still have a good chat. Unconsciously walked to the basketball court, this basketball court is outside the villa area, semi-open,tile profile factory, but few people play. They talked for a while and saw a taxi parked not far away. Wen Yining got out of the car. In the afterglow of the night, she was dressed in a small white suit. Her high-heeled shoes made her waist and legs symmetrical and tall. Her long hair was slightly curled on one shoulder, and her face was covered by the night wind. jecatrims.com
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