No woman in the world dies faster than the heroine.

布达佩斯 XVI. kerület, 匈牙利

Tomie looked up at the huge humanoid weapon flying in midair, which fell to the ground under the siege of several mutants, scaring a group of well-dressed politicians into screaming! Tomie could even hear Eric's happy chuckle, and he looked so happy! Tomie frowned. "Eric!" "What?" "Send me to the sky with your magnetism!"! I want to stand on a high place to attract everyone's attention. "Eric could hardly hold back his smile at this request." Send it to the sky? " "Yes." Tomie nodded seriously, completely unaware that he had said something funny: "But I want to go up alone, you are not allowed to follow me to steal the limelight!" Eric raised his eyebrows and finally nodded unhappily. "Okay, I promise." As the words fell, Tomie felt as if her body was out of the control of gravity in an instant. An unknown energy lifted her slowly into the sky. Then, after more and more people noticed her, Tomie finally smiled in the live broadcast to the world. At this moment, this scene was set in everyone's eyes by Tomie with a very tough attitude, when the young girl who did not know where to come from and where to go stood in the zenith with a very calm attitude, looking down at the people at her feet,aluminum tile edge trim, even with the president surrounded and protected by soldiers, became small in her eyes. Many years later, her admirers appreciated her charm and beauty through the video shooting of people on the spot and the images retained by various news media. People's impression of mutants was engraved with "strong", "calm" and "unparalleled beauty" in their hearts from the very beginning by Tomie. She recorded all kinds of things about the future in an unknown way, and people touched the unreachable future for the first time through the giant screen holographic projection around the sky. In that future,stainless steel tile trim, people saw the resurrection and emergence of heroes, the brilliance and achievements from Stark's industry, the great gap between mutants and human beings under the persecution of extreme nationalism in the military, the enemies, the friends and the ultimate.. About human beings, no, it should be said that it is about the failure of earthlings! She came from the future, she came for a change! Those soldiers and mutants who are still fighting do not know when to stop, those who are afraid of the unknown energy of mutants do not know when to calm down, stainless steel tile edging ,aluminum tile trim, those politicians who have a "eradication heart" for mutants sink their eyebrows and begin to think about closer and more powerful enemies.. When politicians who are in danger of seeing mutants threaten human safety suddenly realize that they are not without the power to compete with them, they can calmly look at the existence of mutants-they have Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye.. They'll have even more to give me good soldiers! When mutants who think that human beings are despicable and ruthless and selfish suddenly see in the future that they are not essentially different from those transformed soldiers, they can even fight with human beings, fight against enemies together, and even become friends with human beings in that sad war.. This perception allows them to see the future of mutants! Is the war over? Of course not. Can mutants really rely on Tomie's side of the story to make humans all over the world accept their existence? Of course not. Can the conflict between humans and mutants really be resolved so easily? If it's so simple, Charles, how can they make it a goal through their lives. But as Tomie said in the speech broadcast live around the world, she pointed to the huge machine that was defeated in the ruins at her feet, and the wreckage lying on the ground emphasized what a nightmare it was for ordinary people to have just experienced! "Just now, we showed you the power of mutants-but in the future, there will be far more terrible enemies than them!" She said calmly. A bigger crisis is coming! I came from the future, I came for a change! As you can see in the video, before I left, I was told that I had less than six hours to change all that! And in six hours, it will all be over. Maybe I will never wake up in the future, maybe I will wake up in a new future that has been changed-but that's not what I really care about. "We don't have time!" Whether human or mutant. No matter whether you are old or old, no matter what kind of beautiful future you want to create for your children. "I must tell you with regret!" A bigger crisis is coming! If we don't prepare, if we just focus on the infighting between the same race, the gap between mutants and ordinary people- "Then you will die.". All people, whether we love or hate, whether they are old people, children, men or women.. All of them will die. The world you love will cease to exist. Those who are supposed to be allies will become enemies, and those who can help themselves will be destroyed ahead of time. "As an alien, Kaiel finally died for the peace of mankind, the mutants who lost countless family members finally chose to forgive, and the most loyal soldiers of the country will apologize to the mutants instead of the government in the future.." But we can do everything better! "We don't have time to speculate and guard against each other, but we still have time to make changes," she said,stainless steel tile edge trim, her voice trembling! It's not a foregone conclusion. The only reason I'm here is to give the future one more choice. When the voice fell, Tomie's body became transparent to the naked eye, and her voice sounded so far away that only the tears in her black eyes rolled down her eyes. What does it mean? Tomie holds his breath-has the future been changed? Is she leaving? Is the change good or bad.
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