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"I just saw your reply in the group. Have you eaten so early?" "Well, is it early?" "It should be quite early among us." "Like you.. when do you usually eat New Year's Eve dinner?" "It's usually after eight o'clock in my house." "I finished eating before eight o'clock." Two people did not chat a few words, Su Xing also heard the voice coming from Shen Wangjin, listening to their family should be ready for dinner, so she said: "Are you going to eat?"? Then you go to eat, bye. "Okay, bye-bye." Mother Shen came out of the kitchen to look at him and asked curiously, "Who did you just call?" Shen Wangjin stretched out his hand to take the soup from Shen's mother's hand and replied, "Friend." "What friend?" The old man just came down from downstairs. "Friends in the circle?"? What kind of serious friends do you have in your circle? "It's in the circle, but it's also a serious friend." Shen Wangjin replied earnestly. The old man glared at him. Father Shen looked at them and said, "Dad, don't say that. They are all in the circle. They are all good children." "Yes, Dad, there are not all good children in the circle." "Grandpa.." Shen Wangzhen's words were interrupted by the old man before he spoke, "Well, you protect one by one, what did I say, make me like a big villain, eat!" "Come on!"! Dinner is served! Father Shen said with a smile. The old man suddenly said to Shen Wangjin, "By the way, where did you borrow my copybook last time?"? When will you return it to me? "What word.." Shen Wangjin answered subconsciously,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, but in the middle of it, he suddenly remembered that the copybook had been given to the stars by him, so the unfinished words stopped abruptly. The old man felt something was wrong. "You didn't break or lose my copybook, did you?" Shen Wangjin immediately shook his head, "No, absolutely not." "When will you give it back to me?" It was the old man's most cherished one, and he couldn't have lent it to him if he hadn't been pestering him for a long time. "Shen Wangjin pursed his lips, and he looked at Shen's mother with rescuing eyes.". Mother Shen immediately changed the subject and asked, "Wangjin, you are 26 years old. How is it? Is there a suitable one?" Shen Wangjin:?? So he immediately unkindly dragged out Shen Wangzhen, cordierite c520 ,Ceramic Bobbin, "Mom, I'm not in a hurry. You should worry about my brother. My brother is almost thirty years old." Shen Wangzhen: ".." What a brother! Shen's father and mother looked at each other. The two brothers were four years apart, but they really didn't worry about the eldest brother at all. After all, the eldest brother had talked about girlfriends since he went to school. It was estimated that he could not count them on his hands. But the youngest brother was different. At the age of 26, he had never talked about a friend, which inevitably made them a little worried. You can try to talk about it, but the premise is not to find people in the circle. The old man said seriously. Shen Wangjin's action paused, "in fact, there are good girls in the circle." Shen's mother caught the key word. Her eyes lit up and she asked Shen Wangjin, "Wangjin, do you have a girl you like?" As soon as Shen's mother said this, the three men on the table all looked at Shen Wangjin, including the old man who had just said that he was not allowed to look for people in the circle. Shen Wangjin looked at his four pairs of eyes, and he pursed his lower lip, "I'm just saying." "I've never seen you say that before. Have you met someone you like?" Mother Shen continued to ask. Shen Wangjin was a little overwhelmed. He kicked Shen Wangzhen at the bottom of the table. Shen Wangzhen took one look at him and then said to Shen's mother, "Mom, is there anyone you like? Wangjin knows it in his heart. If there is, we'll just wait. We can't run away anyway. If not, we'll have to wait even more. We can't rush anyway." Shen Wangjin: ".." He looked sideways at Shen Wangzhen, and he might as well not say what he said. The author has something to say: the last time we guess the name of the eldest brother, did not guess, the eldest brother called "Shen Wangzhen." As for Grandpa's copybook, it has been sent to his wife by Jinjin. God, I really like them. Like my star, like my Jinjin, like my Machiavellian drama group, like my silly boy group. YLQSL!!!! First of all, let's talk about the height of the little brothers and sisters in my Machiavellian drama group. Jinjin: 186 Qi Chu: 186 Fu Xun: 185 Ji yuan: 187 Weekly reward: 185 Chi Xu: 184 Stars: 165 Shu Yan: 166 Si Yu: 167 Immortal ink (first watch) After dinner, Shen Wangjin closed his eyes and sat at the computer desk listening to music, probably too absorbed, even when Shen Wangzhen did not know, until Shen Wangzhen took off his headphones, he did not react. What are you listening to? So absorbed? Shen Wangzhen had not put the headphones in and was snatched back by Shen Wangjin. Shen Wangzhen curled his lower lip, "listen to what you can't listen to?" Shen Wangjin rolled his eyes at him and showed him the song list on the screen of his mobile phone. After reading it, Shen Wangzhen also rolled his eyes at him. "Listening to a song is worth hiding?" Shen Wangjin took off the headphones again. "What are you looking for me for?" "Hey,alumina c799, how can you talk to your brother?" "Don't you always talk like that?" "OKOK, I just want to talk to you." "Talk about what?" Shen Wangzhen sat down on the edge of his bed. "Are you going to be able to terminate your contract with the present company in a year?" "Well, next September." "Manage TOP with me after the termination of the contract." Shen Wangzhen suggested.
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