East Palace

xvxvxv, Rue Goudard, 马赛法国

He was kicked aside by me and did not move again. I jumped up, quickly rushed to the back squat down to pick up a Du's knife, and then dropped the blade three times two times to cut the belt tied to my hand, I picked up the knife on his neck: "Li Chengyu!"! I'll fight you today! Li Chengyu looked at me lazily, then lowered his head and knocked on the knife. I approached the knife a little closer and threatened him: "You are not allowed to say anything about today, or I will call Ah Du to kill you in the evening!" Li Chengyu sat there with his hands propped up, as if he didn't have a sharp blade on his neck at all. He suddenly became a rascal: "What's going on today-I'm not allowed to say anything?" "You kissed me, and." Also Hum! Anyway, you are not allowed to say anything about today! Or I'll kill you right now! He turned his neck to the blade and said, "Then you can kill him now." You're murdering your own husband! Also, if you really dare to touch me a hair, my father will immediately send his troops, to fight you west cool! Too! None! Lai! Here we go! I was so angry that I couldn't make up my mind for a moment. I hesitated whether to really stab him or ask Ah Du to teach him a lesson at night. However He said, "Maybe I'm in a good mood.." You won't tell anyone what happened today. I looked at him warily. "How can you be in a good mood?" Li Chengyu touched his chin: "Let me think..." "What's there to think about?" I said ferociously! Anyway, I tell you, if you dare to say out, I immediately let a Du a knife to kill you! "Unless you kiss me!" "What?" "I won't tell anyone if you kiss me!" I looked at him suspiciously, today's Li Chengyu is simply too unlike Li Chengyu, we used to say less than three words to quarrel,Diameter tape measure, Li Chengyu is hateful. But today it's scoundrel, scoundrel, scoundrel. My heart a horizontal, decided to throw caution to the wind: "You mean what you say?" "One word from a gentleman, one whip from a swift horse." Well, I put the knife down, closed my eyes and bit him hard in the face,fish measuring tape, making a bite mark, and he gasped in pain. I finished this kiss and was about to pick up the knife and leave when he reached out and pulled me back into his arms. You're biting my mouth again! It took him a long time to let me go. I was out of breath and my lips were burning. This guy must have swollen my mouth! He held out his finger, touched my lips, and said, "That's a kiss, you know?" I really want to give him a knife, if not for the fear of war between the two countries, the loss of life, rivers of blood, mountains of bones. So he held back and grinned: "Thank you for teaching me!" " You are welcome He was a scoundrel to the end. "Now you can. It's your turn to kiss me." Didn't you just kiss him? I was so angry that I jumped up. "You don't keep your word!" I kissed you, not you kissed me. For the sake of peace between the two countries, endure! I grabbed his skirt and imitated his appearance to gnaw his mouth, chicken thigh. Think of it as eating chicken thighs! I gnaw! I gnaw! I gnaw! When he finally finished, he found that he was red from his neck to his ears, Walking measuring wheel ,horse weight tape, even his eyes were bloodshot, and his breathing was rapid. You have a fever again? No He flatly denied it. "You can go." I tidied up my clothes, gathered up my hair, took the knife, and walked away in high spirits. There was no one outside, and I walked all the way back to my bedroom before I saw the palace ladies. When they saw me, they all looked so stunned that they almost forgot to salute me. You should know that they are all picked out by Yong Niang, and all of them, like Yong Niang, always remember the rules firmly. I looked in the mirror to see why they were like this. It's like a ghost. My hair was disheveled, my clothes were disheveled, and my mouth was swollen. Li Chengyu, that bastard, really made my mouth swollen. The palace people gathered around to change my clothes and comb my hair again. Fortunately, no one dared to ask me what had happened. If they knew, I wouldn't have to stay in the East Palace. Just when I was unhappy, someone suddenly sent a message outside the door, saying that Li Chengyu had sent a small yellow door to send me something. It was very rare, and they all knew that Li Chengyu didn't like me, so they never sent anything to me. I just feel weird, usually quarrel with Li Chengyu, he will not talk to me for several days, today we had a fierce fight, he even sent someone to send me something, this is too weird. But I'm not afraid of Lee Seung-hyun. So I said, "Tell him to come in." The little yellow door was holding a tray covered with red silk, and I couldn't see what was under it. Little Huangmen stood there in the manner of a decree because he had been sent by Li Chengyu. He said with a straight face, "Your Highness said that in a moment of impatience, he broke the belt of the Crown Princess. He felt very sorry, so he specially compensated the Crown Princess for a pair of Mandarin ducks.". His Highness said that he should have tied it for the Crown Princess himself, but he was too tired and sweated, so he was afraid of catching a cold again, so he didn't come over. Your Highness also said that he would never tell anyone what happened today. Please rest assured. I just didn't pass out. Some of the palace people looked at the sky, some looked at the carpet, some bit the corners of their mouths, some tightened their faces, and some could not help laughing, so the flesh on their faces was twisted. Anyway, no one looked at me, and everyone pretended not to hear anything. Lee Seung-hyun, you are cruel! Don't you tell others? You just don't have to tell the world! And deliberately said so. So ambiguous! It's hard for everyone not to be crooked! Even my teeth were getting sore, so I squeezed out a smile: "I thank you, Your Highness." Then the little yellow door knelt down respectfully and saluted me,Adhesive fish ruler, raising the tray above his head. Without calling for help, I stretched out my hand and lifted the red silk. Sure enough, there was a pair of beautifully embroidered Mandarin ducks inside. They were jubilantly coiled into concentric shapes. I was so angry that I almost fainted. The maid beside me had already stepped forward and took the tray for me. tapemeasure.net
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