We live together [full text + side story] by Red Nine

xvxvxv, Rue Goudard, 马赛法国

Qian Fei raised her eyebrows, completely unaware that she was doing Li Yifei's signature action, "Now it's my turn!" She stood up from the boss's chair, walked out of the boss's desk, and stood in front of Li Yifei, with her hands in the pockets of her suit pants. The high-heeled shoes straightened the trouser line and made her legs long and handsome. Master Li, "Qian Fei looked down at Li Yifei sitting on the sofa," I think your English name is not good to hear, I don't want to play with you happily! When I feel good, I will remember to inform you! Then she turned and walked towards the door. Li Yifei almost sprayed. For the first time, he heard that there were people who couldn't play together because their English names were not good! This is not nothing to look for trouble. He stood up hurriedly from the sofa, stopped Qian Fei with his long legs, and held the door handle. "It's easy!"! Why don't I change my English name! Towel, I'll change an English name that you don't mind right away, and we'll make up, okay? Qian Fei raised her chin with an arrogant expression on her face, "Call General Manage!" Li Yifei hissed, took a breath and called out: General Manage, can we make up? I'll change my English name! Qian Fei stalked his neck. "It's no use. I don't think it sounds good if you change your name!" Li Yifei raised his eyebrows, "I can't!"! I already thought I'd change my name to How Teen! As long as you read it out bravely once,Fish measuring board, you will break the bad magic spell in an instant. Please believe me! Qian Fei was stunned and showed his ferocity. "Get out!"! What a word game! I'm telling you, it doesn't work with me! She pulled Li Yifei, who struggled to ask when her hand was pulled away from the door handle: "Then you say, how can you think my English name sounds good?" Qian Fei opened the door and walked out without looking back. As she walked, she said, "After I do something I won't tell you in advance!" ︶3︶ Before leaving work in the evening, Qian Fei received a call from the vice president of the company,cattle weight tape, who told her that she would go to Gui Lili's company for a meeting the next day to follow up on the progress of the IPO. She put down the phone and said directly to Li Yifei, who was stuck behind her like a fart bug: "Little Li Dong, ask for a leave with you. Tomorrow I have to go to your ex-girlfriend's company that has studied abroad for a meeting, so I won't come here." Li Yifei stepped up and walked side by side with her. "Qian Baodai, what time will the meeting be over tomorrow?"? I'll pick you up! I'm driving my dad's new Lamborghini, and on the way you can find a blade or something to play with to relieve your hatred! Qian Fei stopped and looked up. "All right, just drive this car to pick me up." After a pause, he said, "Don't forget to bring a sharp blade." Then he swaggered over him and walked forward. Looking at her swaying figure, Li Yifei suddenly felt that the most sad and sad thing in the world was sixty years and the river-thirty years Hedong, thirty years Hexi. In those days, it was he who walked proudly in front, and it was the Holy Mother who had been following behind. But now.. Say too much is tears, all transferred over. ︶3︶ The next day, Horse weight lbs ,Pi tape measure, Qian Fei held a one-day meeting in Gui Lili's company. When Gui Lili knew that she had become the project leader to continue to follow up their project, the expression on her face was as if she had just performed swallowing light bulbs. After the meeting, Qian Fei felt a little tired, shook hands with Niu Dong of the enterprise, that is, Gui Lili's husband, said goodbye and went out of the conference room. As soon as she left the meeting room, she heard Gui Li calling her behind her: "Qian Fei, wait for me, I'll see you off!" Qian Fei wanted to pretend not to hear and continue to walk. She was bored to death with this vain virtue and didn't want her to see him off at all. As a result, Gui Lili kept shouting like a small trumpet with a perpetual motion device: "Qian Fei, Qian Fei, wait for me, wait for me, I'll see you off!" Qian Fei listens to her to call so, feel to see a person a bit double image. She stopped and turned her head, with a stylized and slightly stiff smile on her face: "Vice General Manager Gui, no need to see me off. I'll go down by myself!" Gui Li Li quickly moved a few steps to rush to her body, affectionately took her arm, "how can that work?"! How can I let you go alone? Qian Fei looked at the dead arm held by Gui Lili and the corners of her mouth. Is this a ***ing gift? This is a ***ing kidnapping. Gui Li Li seems to be intimate to outsiders, but in Qian Fei's view, it is a tight posture of pulling and dragging, and he walks to the elevator with Qian Fei on his arm. When the elevator came, she smiled at the others and said, "Please wait for the next trip. I want to see my friend off alone!" " The others immediately gave up the elevator to the landlady. After the elevator door closed, Gui Lili immediately let go and put away her smile as if performing a face-changing performance. Qian Fei could not help but look up silently at the overhead camera. She really wanted to tell Gui Lili: "The elder sister is also being watched through here, but you are acting the whole set!"! Half a minute later, the elevator stopped on the first floor with a "ding" sound, and Gui Lili took the lead in walking out with her head held high. Out of the door of the building, Gui Lili stood still, turned around, put her arms in front of her chest and looked at Qian Fei. She asked, "I heard from your colleagues that you are in love with Li Yifei." Qian Fei said, "Is it necessary for me to report to you if I am good with him?" She turned around and saw a brand new and shiny Lamborghini parked not far away. She turned to Gui Lili and said, "If your so-called" send me "is to tell me this, then I'm sorry, I have no obligation to accompany, I have to go first." She turned and walked in the direction of the coquettish sedan chair. Gui Lili was stunned behind her. She's a little out of it. In front of this style of cold and hard Qian Fei and her impression of that good old man who is easy to bully unexpectedly can not coincide. Seeing that Qian Fei was about to walk away, Gui Lili came to her senses and shouted behind her, "Qian Fei, you are so hypocritical!"! As I said before, you actually like Li Yifei, but you still refuse to admit it! Qian Fei stopped. She sighed. She originally did not want to pay attention to this brain-damaged + princess sick young woman, she wanted to be like before,tape measure clip, that woman love to say what she said, endure it will pass. But today is very strange, she suddenly does not want to endure. tapemeasure.net
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