Douro Continent (I)

Cuerpo De Bomberos Voluntarios de CAPIATÁ- C.B.V.C., 卡皮亚塔巴拉圭

Had it not been for the fact that the magic spider with human face had already entered the anti-poison range of the delicate fragrance of Qi Luo Xianpin, the poison attached to its spider legs would have been enough to make Luo Sanpao lose half his life. The other three forelimbs reach forward at the same time. The sharp spider legs went straight to the master's chest. Its target is certainly not just the master. At the same time, there is a small dance behind, with the length of its spider legs, it has the ability to kill two people at the same time. Poof- "a dazzling golden red pillar of fire shot from the side, heavy bombardment on the flank of the human face magic spider, the flame directly attached to its body, emitting a bad smell.". The fat man can't launch a stronger soul skill in his eagerness, so he can only shoot out the Phoenix Fire Line to hurt his opponent as much as possible. At the beginning, a two-thousand-year-old magic spider with a human face made Tang San almost die. What's more, this is a six-thousand-year-old existence. Even if it's a ten-thousand-year soul beast. It is easy and never willing to provoke this slayer. There was no emotion in the cold little eyes of the spider because of the attack of the fat man, and it was still so gloomy and cold. It was as if it was not its body that was being burned. Spider spear pointed, the position did not change, still toward the master's chest. In a flash of light and shadow, Xiaowu's body appeared quietly in front of the master. She put one hand on the master's shoulder and her legs flew up at the same time, kicking accurately under the two spider legs. The spider's legs rose slightly, almost skimming over her head. In order to gain time, Xiaowu did not care that he would be eaten back by the spirit. The light of charm pierced into the small eyes under the abdomen of the human face magic spider, bringing him a moment of delay. At the same time, Xiaowu once again put his foot on the spider leg of the human face magic spider, pushed back by force, and pushed out the body of the master behind him, just in time to meet Liu Erlong who was running rapidly. At this moment, the human face magic spider and the small dance are almost close to the attack, the master was sent out of the dangerous area,stainless steel welded pipe, the fat man's soul power has just gathered up to attack, others have not had time to attack the human face magic spider. When I looked at that, Tang San's heart was already in his throat. No one knew more about the horror of the spider than he did. If it hadn't been for the surprise and the overbearing of Zhuge's crossbow, he would have died in the forest of stars. He will never forget the pain he suffered when he absorbed the human face magic spider soul ring. At this point, the small dance and the human face magic spider close combat. It's a slayer who has been cultivated for six thousand years, and Xiaowu is the weakest of the Shrek Seven. Six thousand years of human face magic spider, each spider leg with neat spikes and barbs, although under the action of the delicate fragrance of Qi Luo Xianpin, the poison it emits can not cause harm to Xiaowu for the time being, but if it pierces Xiaowu's skin, then the poison will still seek blood to spread. That's not what Xiaowu can resist. Moreover, it is precisely because of the existence of these spikes, Xiaowu simply did not dare to launch a soft skill against this human-faced magic spider. The use of teleportation has a cooldown. Xiaowu has just used it once. At this time, 304 Stainless Steel Bar ,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, when he is fighting with the human face magic spider, he can no longer rely on teleportation to dodge. The only thing she can choose is to persist until the rescue of her partners comes. The spider with the human face was obviously completely enraged, its hind legs pushed hard on the ground, and its four spear forelimbs came from four different directions to stab the small dance, and the pale light burst out from its body, this time, it had obviously used all its strength. Contrary to Xiaowu, the only chance for this human face magic spider is to grab the delicate fragrance of Qiluo Xianpin and escape here before the attack of others comes. How could it not know the horror of these human beings in front of it when it saw the encounter between the beast and the spider in the crypt? Xiaowu's movements are very fast, and her actual combat experience is also very rich. When she is desperate, she will never be stingy with her soul power. When she is not allowed to start, I see that she kicks out four feet in an instant, kicking the weakest part of the four spider spears. She knew that as long as she could get out of the way of the spider's attack, the help of her partners would come. When Xiaowu's foot kicked on the four spider spears with all her strength, her heart was already cold. At that moment, she clearly felt that her foot kicked the four spider spears, like a dragonfly shaking a stone pillar, which could not slow down the momentum of its attack, let alone change the direction of its attack. After all, Xiaowu's soul power is only 37 levels, and the gap between the six thousand years of soul orcs and magic spiders that go all out to attack is too big. The small eyes under the abdomen of the human face magic spider have already revealed a ferocious light, it has already planned, as long as the human girl in front of him is killed, after robbing the delicate fragrance of Qi Luo Xianpin, it will immediately spit out several cobwebs around, blocking their pursuit. In terms of speed, with almost four meters of long legs, running is not comparable to the crypt spider. When Xiaowu kicked the spider spear accurately, all the people in Shrek Academy almost cried out, but when they saw that the four spider spears did not change direction, their hearts were all cold. At the critical moment, all Xiaowu can do is to curl up his body as much as possible to withstand the smallest attack. However, even if her body curled up again, it was impossible to dodge all the attacks. The four spears of the human face magic spider just blocked all the possible routes for her to dodge. Three spider spears, almost stuck to the body of the small dance in the past, but the last spider spear did not flash after all, mercilessly stuck in the chest of the small dance. Suddenly, everyone's brain was blank, although Xiaowu was stabbed in the right chest, but how strong is the poison of the human face magic spider? Xiaowu's body is bound to be penetrated, such injuries coupled with the human face of the spider overbearing poison, Xiaowu simply can not survive. Everything happened so fast that it was almost impossible to catch it with the naked eye. Xiaowu's body was directly taken out by the spider spear and flew nearly 20 meters,304 Stainless Steel Coil, but her hand was still holding tightly the delicate fragrance of Qiluo Xianpin and refused to let go. Xiaowu flew out, and the spider seemed to be stunned for a moment. Although the purpose of attacking Xiaowu was achieved, it failed to get the delicate fragrance of Qiluo Xianpin.
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